13 Foods You Should Avoid at All Cost

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Plain and simple: we’re talking trans-fat here. Anything with any of it, is something you should not be eating. What is trans-fat, exactly? Well, we’re glad you asked. Basically, it’s the type of fat that’s created when hydrogen is added to the chemical structure of a fat, typically vegetable oil. The addition of hydrogen helps to make the fat (and the foods it’s used in) last longer, preventing it from easily spoiling when left unrefrigerated. Adding hydrogen to fat, (also known as partial-hydrogenation), also creates a semi-solid fat, which is necessary in order to prevent foods from spoiling when left at room temperature. Many fast food restaurant prefer using this unhealthy oil for cooking because it’s much cheaper than butter, lard, or other semi-solid fats. Trans fats also take much longer to go bad, another reason restaurants favor it. And just like saturated fats, trans fats have no nutritional value; in fact, trans fats and saturated fats both increase levels of LDL (“bad” cholesterol) in a person’s bloodstream, and decrease the level of HDL (“good” cholesterol). And we all know what that can lead to: increased risk of high blood pressure, obesity, and heart disease – problems that are currently plaguing the US and abroad. Studies have also indicated that increased trans-fat consumption may lead to Alzheimer’s disease, prostate and breast cancer, Type 2 diabetes, liver dysfunction, infertility, depression, and even aggression. In short, it’s best to stay as far away from trans and saturated fats as much as possible, and the best place to start is avoiding all foods with the phrase “partially hydrogenated” anywhere in the ingredients list.
So read on to learn the 13 foods that are highest in trans fats, so nothing gets in our way of living a long and healthy life.

Deep-Fried Food
Many restaurants prefer to fry their food with partially hydrogenated oil because it allows the food to last longer. While many fast food chains have made the switch to non-hydrogenated oil, many restaurants, like Popeye’s, still have not. Maybe your local fast food joint doesn’t use hydrogenated oil, but who’s to know? For your own sake, it’s best to not take chances and avoid the fried stuff altogether.

Deep-Fried Food