20 of the Most Awkward Celebrity PDAs

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PDA is cute – sometimes. Other times it can just be uncomfortable. The line is thin, and these celebs clearly crossed it. Take a look at these famous stars getting a little bit too excited in front of the camera.

Pool Party for Two

Somebody’s getting a little frisky on the pool chairs. Michael Bolton and Nicollette Sheridan may have split for a second time in August 2008, but a mere few months earlier, they looked desperate to be together. Now, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying some sweet PDA, but there’s really no reason to engage in such behavior sitting around a public swimming pool. With impressionable children surely running around, this affectionate couple should have taken into account the nature of their activities and moved somewhere slightly more private. Or at least, put a towel around them – a little decency, you guys, c’mon!



 Pool Party for Two