24 Celebs Who Aged Terribly!

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You’d think that with the various grooming procedures, anti-aging cosmetics and Botox, celebrities would forever look good. But from looking at the once beautiful red headed green-eyed girl, to the talented petite rap star of the 90’s, it appears that time waits for no one.

Whether it’s the pressure that comes from living in fame, drug abuse, botched surgeries, poor lifestyle or shattered relationships, certain celebrities have just taken a turn for the worse.  Here’s a list of 24 celebrities that time has done them no justice.

Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley was the stunner of Cheers, the hit show back in the ’80’s. Since then, the star has played in many well known shows such as Veronica’s Closet and Look Whose Talking. She was a true stunner back in the day, with perfect skin and sparkling green eyes. But awkwardly as she grew older, she grew larger. However she used the weight gain to her advantage, and began to monopolize on her very curvy figure. She turned out to be the spokesperson for a well known weight loss program Jenny Craig, and appears to have gotten back into shape. Nonetheless, even with the extra cash in hand, she probably would have preferred to maintain her looks than gained that weight. Her makeup artist isn’t doing such a great job either, and the new lips she has look terrible.





Kirstie Alley