27 of the Mightiest Militaries In the World

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Militaries are usually ranked according to the frontline personnel that they have, number of tanks, aircraft and submarine that they possess and their weapons of war. However, these are not the only factors that determine the strength of a military. Even in times that they are not involved in direct combat, there are certain things that they are up to, for instance planning, strategizing and making sure of the safety of their weapons. Armies are very important institutions in each country as they provide the entire population with a sense of security against external attacks.

The United States Army

The United States is ranked at the top of the strongest militaries in the world. Its budget for the military is more than the other top 10 ranked militaries combined. The United States has a fleet of 19 aircraft carriers to its possession which is more than combination of the rest of the world which is 12. The United States also receives some of their military weapons from japan. America also has a great number of active military personnel.


The United States Army