27 Perfectly Timed Photos Of Your Favorite Sporting Hero

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Sports are watched by so many fans all around the world. With such a huge following of the different sports that pique the vast interests of the specific fans, it is normal that there would be a worldwide broadcast of every match played, every time. As such, it becomes difficult to miss anything that goes on, on the field, especially for a die-hard and ardent fan. Also, with the paparazzi and media guys always lining the pitch and ring side at all games and fights, few moments go uncaptured or unnoticed.
We take a look at 27 of the most perfectly timed sports moments ever caught on camera. As some of these moments were hurtful, embarrassing or stigmatizing for some of the subjects, we hope you find maximum satisfaction in their ordeal, and well, embarrassment.

The Keanu Reeves Challenge

If you have seen The Matrix movie, you would surely know what I am talking about – remember the slow motion scenes when Reeves does all those jaw dropping tricks? This picture reminds you of the same. Pole Vaulters have to put in all that they have, in order to prove that they have practiced hard to be where they are, at the moment. This athlete surely took Keanu Reeves’ The Matrix challenge seriously, and posed that way for the cameras. I am in love with her flat abs because those are not what I’m going to have, EVER!


The Keanu Reeves Challenge