30 Creepy Historical Pictures

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It’s always fun to look at photos from the past – unless those photos are super scary. With the advent of modern technology, we now can get a glimpse into disturbing pics from the past – lucky us! So take a look at these freaky photos and see if you can make it through to the last one.

Happy Couple

This looks like one scary…err….happy couple. Was this their wedding day? Prom pic? Engagement photo? I wonder what possessed this lovely pair to don those horrifically creepy masks. Whatever their reason, they sure look scary! And the fact that the image is in black and white doesn’t help either. This looks like the beginning scene of a horror film. If the masks were at least smiling, the pic wouldn’t be as scary, but the hollow, dead-inside facial expressions of this couple really sends shivers down my spine! I need to go hide under my bed now.

 Happy Couple