33 Famous Women of the 70’s – Spot the Differences

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They were the stars of the 70’s. The darlings of the world and the cynosures of all eyes. These celebrities ruled their world and beyond in their prime. While most of them maintained a pristine “7-figure” shape, as was the norm and vogue of the times, aging has not so miraculously transformed them from the sexy, beautiful, and slim beauty queens into old mums, and in some cases, grand mums. We take you through a list of 29 famous women of the 70’s, and we take a look at how they have maintained their shape, gained weight, and how others have defied the odds to dramatically and drastically lost weight. You need not wait any further, here are our 29 famous women of the 70’s and how they’ve changed:

Meryl Streep – Then

The beautiful, slim Meryl Streep’s acting career started brightly in the 70’s, she began with stage shows and gradually stepped up to featuring in major smash hits in Hollywood. In “The Deer Hunter,” the film where Streep debuted, she was cast as Robert De Niro’s girlfriend after he specifically suggested the idea.

Then – Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep – Then