Amazing Israeli Technologies that Change the Lives of the Disabled in 2015

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Israel is well known for innovative technologies, making it the world’s “Startup Nation”. The young country has the ability to quickly launch and scale innovative ideas and build companies from the ground up.

Tech giants including Facebook, Google and Apple understand the role that the Startup Nation plays globally and they routinely acquire startups there.

The thing that sometimes gets lost in all the excitement of the new and amazing consumer technology that comes out of Israel is that some of these startups are responsible for changing people’s lives by helping the disabled lead lives that are as normal as possible.

Israel is a leading medical innovator who is helping quadriplegics walk, the blind see and the deaf hear. Here are some of the amazing technological breakthroughs that are coming out of Israel, which will dramatically improve the lives of the disabled in 2015.



Amit Goffer never quit dreaming of being able to walk away from his wheelchair after he suffered a bad accident, that confined him to his wheelchair for the rest of his foreseeable life. Not accepting defeat, in 2001, the Israeli engineer founded ReWalk, a company with a singular goal, to enable people with spinal cord injuries to regain much of their natural mobility.

ReWalk is now a global medical technology firm, after growing from a small research shop based in Israel. The company went public on the Nasdaq in the fall of 2014 (NASDAQ: RWLK). With FDA approval and CE marks, ReWalk’s bionic exoskeleton is already giving paraplegics back their ability to stand and walk again.