Boy Donates A Foot Of His Hair To Cancer Patients

Eight-year-old Kaleb Ramos walked into hair donation organization Cozy’s Cuts For Kids and surprised many of the workers there when he donated 14-inches of his chair to the charity.

Ramos’ mom, Soveida Cespedes explained that her son has had long hair since he was two years old but had a moment of inspiration and decided to chop it off to donate to charity.

Kaleb’s piano teacher was the person who had given the young boy the idea. His mom recalled “He was 4 at the time. What his teacher did stuck in his head. He said, ‘Mom, I want to donate my hair.'”

But his ask was not a surprise to his mom and Kaleb had shown his kindness and compassion throughout his life, she said he is “always worrying about other people.”


So when Kaleb went ahead to donate his hair, salon owner Cozy Friedman welcomed him with open arms, but was also surprised by his decision. She said “Ninety-nine percent of the time it’s girls who come in to donate hair.”

She spoke of the process, explaining “We put his hair into three ponytails, we cut 14 inches off, but left him with about 12 inches of length so he could still put it back into a ponytail. He kept feeling back there once it was gone.”

Kaleb’s mom said of her choice to take her son to this specific salon, “I was looking for a nice place to make it fun for us, and I read about Cozy and knew she would take care of us.” And take care she did. Cozy recalled from her experience that cutting the hair can become quite traumatic as they’ve had the long hair for such a long time.

She added,”I spent time with the mom before because I’ve seen kids get emotional.”


Kaleb was pleased with the end result and his mom hopes that his decision and story will continue to inspire others. Friedman finally said of her salon’s mission and values, “We are helping children embrace who they are and helping them celebrate their individuality.”