Craziest Eyes You’ve Ever Seen

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Kitty Cyclops

If you looked at this kitty quickly, you would probably think it was something you would see on a horror film, but in reality, he’s the real deal. This poor kitten was brought into the world on December 28, 2005 in Oregon City, Oregon. He was born with just one large eye in the center of his face, where a nose would normally sit. After just two days of life on earth, the kitten passed away peacefully. He certainly brings a tear to our eyes and we’re sad we weren’t all graced with his unique presence for longer.┬áThis kitten suffered from a disorder that we know today as holoprosencephaly. This occurs when the embryonic forebrain does not develop into two, separate hemispheres like it should. The brain, instead, looks like one large, undistinguished mass instead of a normal brain with two sides. This condition can also cause deformities of facial features, such as the eyes, upper lip and nose. This condition is also commonly seen in humans but it is extremely rare for any fetus to survive to term when suffering from this condition, especially severe forms, like the one this kitten exhibited.

The form of the disorder that affected the kitten is known as alobar holoprosencephaly, which as previously mentioned, indicates that one of the lobes of the brain is missing, because the brain is one singular mass. This form of the condition also includes the complete absence or an olfactory gland and two eyes being merged into one single eye in the center of the face.

Other forms of this ailment include semilobar holoprosencephaly, lobar holoprosencephaly and syntelencyphaly. Semilobar indicates the partial separation of the forebrain into distinct lobes. In the case of lobar, the division can be nearly completed into two separate lobes. Syntelencyphaly is different because it is characterized by incomplete separation of the parietal lobe and the posterior frontal lobe, instead of the right and left lobes. Scientists are unsure as to whether or not syntelencyphaly is actually related to the other forms of holoprosencephaly or is a disorder of its own, but at this time, they are classified into the same category.

One thing to take note of is that this poor kitten suffered from the worst form of the disease, alobar holoprosencephaly. The failure to have two eyes mimics the brain’s failure to form separate lobes. With this form of the disease, it is nearly impossible for a creature to survive at all, so this kitty was lucky to have two days on Earth.

Kitty Cyclops