CRAZY Pregnancies

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We all hear about incredible pregnancy stories from people we know personally or from the media, some may shock or surprise us. Ultimately pregnancy is miraculous …. Of course many woman (and a man – continue to read) will have different experiences and stories to tell along this exciting journey, some with challenges and others not. Here are just some that had us in ultimate awe:

The Yummy Mummy with Supermodel Physique

Sarah Stage, (30) and model, has maintained her toned physique throughout her pregnancy. This has caused a public pandemonium, when she publicly documented her entire pregnancy on Instagram showing off her incredibly toned body, even at 8 months pregnant. However health professionals have assured the media that many factors play into this, like height, genetics and body type in early pregnancy.

The model is also probably genetically predisposed to carrying small during pregnancy. Stage also insisted that she has put on weight during her pregnancy, if the baby is healthy why should she be ousted for not conforming to the perceived form of how women should look, fully pregnant? This is not to say all pregnant women should follow a stringent diet and exercise plan, only that one should eat healthily and that any light exercise recommended by their doctor shouldn’t put the baby at risk.

Sarah Stage