88-Year Old Actress Tippi Hedren Stars in Gucci’s Latest Campaign

Age is just a number. Thus the reason Tippi Hedren, at 88 years old, still rocks Gucci’s latest jewelry and timepieces campaign. A famous fashion model in her twenties, Hedren caught director Alfred Hitchcock’s attention when he saw her in a diet drink commercial. The rest as they say is history. The legendary actress earned international recognition for her unforgettable performances in the popular Hitchcock movies such as The Birds (1963) and Marnie (1964).

Still exuding class and elegance, the gorgeous actress made a grand comeback in the fashion world thanks to the the luxury Italian brand Gucci. The mother of Melanie Griffith and grandmother of Dakota Johnson managed to grab a stunning role in Gucci’s latest timepieces and jewelry campaign. In a video set to launch on Facebook, the lovely Hedren is seen as a mystical fortune teller reading the palms of young models Emily Unkles, Victoria Schons, Tom Atton Moore and Tex Santos-Shaw. Hedren wears a Gucci print dress adorned with the fancy brand’s layered gold bracelets and snake-inspired rings.

Hedren is the second actress in their family tapped by Gucci to be one of their models. Her granddaughter Johnson has appeared in an ad for Gucci Bloom – the first fragrance spearheaded by creative director Alessandro Michele. Johnson similarly attended several fashion shows of the brand.

This is not the first time Gucci embraced age-diverse campaigns. The luxury Italian brand previously featured 79-year-old actress Vanessa Redgrave in its cruise campaign last year – proof that the fashion industry caters not only to models in their 20s, but is also sensitive to, and appreciates women aged by experience.  Gucci seems to say that anyone can star in a luxurious campaign and still be an icon of timeless beauty, charm and integrity. Hedren, being the latest face of Gucci, is indeed evidence that age is merely and truly just a number.