Each Photo Perfectly Describes a State



Everything about this photograph screams ‘Alabama.’ Some northerners may be confused by this image and simply see a poorly designed floating device and a redneck. However, most folks from Alabama would look at this picture and see a very creative fishing method and a die-hard Alabama fan cheering “Roll Tide.”



This hilarious photo could not be more true about Idaho. Does the northwestern state have any attractions at all? It turns out that almost half of Idaho is controlled by the United States Forest Service, which is more than any other state. The land also has a reputation for having many gemstones, which is why it is called the Gem State. Idaho has many other natural treasures and is rich in resources that can be used for renewable energy.



If you have never had a chance to visit the 49th state, you may think this is a typical traffic jam in the streets of Alaska. Two grizzly bears are having a friendly conversation in the middle of Highway 1, and they do not seem to notice they are holding up traffic. Bear sightings are not considered rare because many grizzly bears call Alaska home. Many other animals are known to roam the Alaskan landscape since the state has an abundance of diverse wildlife.



If you’re from Arizona, even though you fully understand the serious danger of forest fires, you still know how to laugh at a good joke about it! While the state is known for their hot and dry desert climate, Arizona is also known for their magnificent large and deep canyons, like the Grand Canyon. The state is also made up of many Indian reservations that are still home to almost 30 Native American Tribes. The majestic desert landscape is breathtaking and definitely worth a visit!



This picture perfectly sums up the state of California. California, the most populated state in the United States, is probably also the only state where a surfboard would cause a car accident. Pretty much everyone surfs in the Golden State, and if you don’t surf, you have probably at least tried to. Who knew that surfing could be so dangerous on the road? Learning surfing safety on land is just as important as water safety. Some Californians need to learn how to strap up their surfboards better!


When you are in the great state of Colorado, it is not hard to come by a free spirited person. Many eccentric individuals, like the lady in the photo below, are known to flock to Colorado for the fresh air, freedom, and the incredible Rocky Mountains. There’s nothing wrong with letting your freak flag fly, and Colorado is a great place to let go and live your life. The state’s slogan, “Fresh Air and Fond Memories Served Daily”, perfectly describes this picture and the beauty of Colorado.


There are many aspects of this photo that epitomize the culture of Connecticut. First, we have the small sign that reads “Beware of Attack Seagull.” Does that mean that there is one seagull that tends to get more aggressive than the others? We can’t forget to mention the equally bizarre sign below that reads, “Throwing of rocks 50 cents each plus tax. Pay in Office.” It also seems pretty strange that such a wealthy state would charge children to throw free rocks.



One of the most fun facts about the state of Delaware is that they are the “home of tax-free shopping.” The people of Delaware are pretty lucky that they don’t get hit with tons of taxes while shopping. There are so many charming aspects about this tiny state, also known as the “small wonder,” that should not go unnoticed. The tax-free state is also known as the First State because it was the first colony to accept the constitution.



The guy in this photo totally epitomizes the stereotype that “Gators wear jean shorts” or “jorts.” Floridians and Gator fans often get a lot of flack for this major fashion faux pas. This Gator fan really went all out to fulfill every stereotype about the people of the Sunshine state. Also, we can’t forget to acknowledge UF fan’s intense blond mullet that probably attracts a lot of attention in the stands. He’s such a loyal fan, that he has a tattoo of Tim Tebow’s face on his arm.



Welcome to the great state of Georgia where some folks don’t know how to spell “peaches” even though it is known as the Peach State and peaches are the state fruit. This photo was taken in the North Georgia mountains where it seems that some politicians need to invest more money in the Georgia education. Besides problems with the education system, Georgia is known for being a beautifully lush state that is home to many famous rappers and musicians like Outcast, Ray Charles, and James Brown.



The Aloha State sits on top of multiple active volcanoes, so it is no surprise that these school buses were overtaken and preserved by some volcanic ash. It would not take much for the tiny state to get completely flooded by the Pacific Ocean. When volcanos are staying dormant, life on the island is much calmer and safer. The 50th state is made up of eight small islands but more than one million people live on the beautiful land.



There is nothing like a good hunting session from the convenience of your luxurious outdoor hot tub. This older man was sure to wear his orange hunting cap too, just to be safe and ensure other hunters don’t shoot him by mistaking him for a deer relaxing after a long day. It is hard not to fall in love with the good and honest people of Arkansas. The state of Arkansas got a lot of attention for being the home state of former President Bill Clinton.



The police look a little bit more like the military in Illinois because they need greater protection from their serious crime problems. Unfortunately, Illinois, more specifically Chicago, has struggled with crime for years. Their homicide rate is higher than Los Angeles and twice as more as New York! We guess it is a good think that Illinois has the Cubs to cheer them up. Just last year, the Cubs brought up everyone’s spirits with their historic win, ending an 108-year World Series championship drought!



At least Tipton, Indiana offers all of the important necessities to their visitors. While driving through the Hoosier State, food and gas are readily available. However, the Midwestern state has much more to offer! The great state of Indiana is home to many farmers, football fans, townies, and Hoosiers. There are definitely a lot of perks. When it comes to sports, Indiana has got you covered. They’ve got the Indianapolis 500 and Brickyard 400 motorsports races and they are home to the Colts and the Pacers!



Here, in the photograph below, we have the greatest rest stop in Iowa with the best vending machine out there. The lovely state of Iowa is known to most as a midwestern state, mostly consisting of farmland. While the state seems fairly empty, Iowans have a few perks. Perhaps more people should head over the Hawkeye State, because according to the Insurance Journal, Iowa is one of the safest states to live and has one of the lowest crime rates!



The Wizard of Oz is usually the first thing that most people think of when it comes to the state of Kansas. The classic film starts out with a dangerous tornado, which is also something Kansas is known for. The rectangular state in the middle of America has a serious thunderstorm problem which can sometimes turn into a severe tornado issue as you can see from the photo below. The Sunflower State averages more than 50 tornadoes a year, so be careful if you visit!



If you are not from the Bluegrass State, this sign may mean very little to you. You may be wondering, what are “Biddies & Growd ones”? Even people from Kentucky may struggle to read this sign. Well, whatever is for sale is probably made with lots of butter and completely delicious. If you have not had Kentucky fried chicken, you need to head over to a KFC immediately and dig into a big bucket of their chicken. The people of Kentucky don’t mess around with their meat.



Down in the swamp lands of Louisiana, you may be able to find some alligators providing child care for families. Most people that have never been to the Creole State probably base their opinions of it off of the popular television show Duck Dynasty. The reality TV show set in West Monroe makes all Louisiana natives look like bible thumping duck hunters. When the people of Louisiana are not getting down with the gators, they may be partying it up at Mardi Gras in New Orleans.



If you like beer and you love ice fishing, the great state of Maine is the place for you! The guy in this photo is clearly enjoying a relaxing day out on the water. Plus, who needs a boat when you have a plastic chair and a floating block of ice. The people of main are clearly low key and ready to go with the flow. These are the types of people that do not lose their minds over a little ice and snow.



This picture is proof that while Maryland is very welcoming to visitors, you better be prepared for some terrible drivers. There is a consensus amongst Maryland’s neighbor states, like Virginia and Pennsylvania, that Maryland has the worst drivers. The bad driving is probably a result of the fact that Maryland is one of the most densely populated states, even though it is also one of the smallest U.S. states. There are too many people trying to get around in too small of a space!



Welcome to the freezing state of Massachusetts, where the snow is thick, but the accents are way thicker. Foreigners visiting the Bay State may think that English is not even the official language in Massachusetts. When a “wicked stawm is comin’,” you better bundle up and get your shovel ready. This northern state makes up for bad weather confusing accents with their unbeatable football team. If they did not have Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, this state could be overlooked.



If you are a furry animal, we suggest you run far far away from the state of Michigan. The Great Lakes State is known for their road kill and their guns. If you have not hit a deer in Michigan, you are probably not from the state. If you have hit a deer in Michigan, you probably hit the animal with an American car. You will find very few foreign cars in this part of the country because Michigan is home to three major U.S. automobile companies.



If this picture doesn’t make you laugh, we don’t know what will. Everyone from the “land of ten thousand lakes” wishes that Minnesota was the Sunshine State. Unfortunately, Minnesota is one of the most northern states and consequently, one of the coldest states too. If you plan on living in the great state of Minnesota, get ready for nine months of a brutal winter. When people are not stuck inside and can shovel their way out of the snow, Minnesota offers a great music scene!



This photograph of a man cooking in Mississippi showcases the serious problem the state is facing with adult obesity.  About 30% of the population are classified as obese! Sadly, the state also comes in the last place among every single state for health care. While the good state of Mississippi may not be home to the skinniest or healthiest man, Mississippians sure know how to start up a grill and cook some delicious meat. This is why they are probably known as “the hospitality state.”



We have finally reached the land of monster trucks. In Missouri, even school buses like to go big with their wheels. Outside of bigger cities like St. Louis and Kansas city, Missouri is known to be a state with a lot of rural farmland, which is why it’s common to see lots of tractors and trucks. When the people of Missouri are not riding around in big trucks, they like to drink beer. After all, Missouri is home to the most American beer in the country, Budweiser!



Welcome to the great state of Montana, where it is perfectly normal to find a man in the tub with a bear. The “land of the shining mountains” is mostly rural with a few cities sprinkled within. Even though the state is the 4th largest, it is also the least densely populated. If you visit the beautiful landscape you will probably find more moose crossing signs than traffic lights, which is why it was accurately named the “last best place.”



Nebraska, smack dab in the middle of the Great Plains and the Midwestern United States, is a great place to rest because the State has the greatest highway rest areas. Perhaps the rest areas are a step above because many Nebraska natives work as truckers and need a nice place to pull over and take a break from the road. The Cornhusker State is filled with tons of corn and cows and the people of Nebraska are proud of it.



Nevada is a state that knows their priorities. They are proud to be the home welcoming gamblers, prostitutes, and drinkers, but be sure to keep the lobster far away! The great people of the state of Nevada know how to bring people together and make them happy. However, this was not always the case. Back in the 1940s, Nevada was the least populated state. Then, they changed their laws and legalized gambling and tons of people flocked to the Silver State!


New Hampshire

New Hampshire is notorious for being a White state, which is not a stereotype. The northeast state wedged between Vermont, Maine, and Massachusettes is 93% White, according to population demographic study for New Hampshire. Besides being known for lacking in racial diversity, New Hampshire is also known for being a huge deal during election seasons because it is often a swing state and can sway election results one way or another. The great state is also home to comedians like Adam Sandler and Sarah Silverman!


New Jersey

Even if you have never visited the great state of New Jersey, you have probably spotted these young, tan, men with incredibly gelled spiky hair. Some may recognize these New Jersey natives from reality television shows like Jersey Shore or Real Housewives of New Jersey. These men are known to “fist bump” while frequenting the club scene. Even though these types of people have given New Jersey quite a reputation, the state itself is made up of a much more diverse group.


New Mexico

This sign was spotted in Hotel Chimayo parking lot in Santa Fe, New Mexico and it explains so much about the southwestern state. Apparently in the Land of Enchantment low rider cars are very popular. That is why the sign below clarifies that the parking spot is “exclusive low-rider parking” and reads, “If it doesn’t scrape the pavement, it’s not a low-rider. It’s just another car with rims.” The state is home to many car enthusiasts that love the low slow riders.


New York

The famous “Pizza Rat” made his debut on youtube in 2015 and became an instant internet sensation and a worldwide symbol of the state of New York. Just like many other New Yorkers, this furry little guy was making his way through the popular subway while trying to enjoy a slice of New York’s best snack. The Empire State is filled with people trying to quickly scurry from place to place while snagging some delicious food on the way.


North Carolina

The great state of North Carolina may need to redistribute some of their funds towards the education system since they seem to have a problem with spelling. Besides their “shcool” issues, North Carolina has many great things going for them. The state is absolutely beautiful! On a drive through North Carolina, you can take in the breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Pull over anywhere in the Tar Heel State to find the most delicious BBQ and sweet tea.


North Dakota

North Dakotans love their guns and their hockey above everything else, which is why this picture says it all! In North Dakota, it is also very popular for people to spend their time hunting, fishing, ice fishing, skiing, and snowmobiling. When people are not playing hockey or hunting, you will probably find North Dakotans in a church. This state has more churches per capita than any other state. North Dakota is filled with churchgoers and active Christians, and almost no other religions.



The people of Oklahoma are known to drink and as a result, they are big fans of the keg bicycle. You can find the popular mode of transportation all over the great state. While the keg bike may be a bit outdated, Oklahoma is way ahead of its time in many other ways. They are one of the top states to produce energy from wind, even though the Sooner State is also known to be one of the greatest producers of crude oil.



This picture proves that the people of Ohio are happy and kind to everyone in life and in death! They also love to spell out their state by using their body. Many people from the great Buckeye State want the simple things in life. They want to enjoy their lives by being with their family, tailgating and watching football. Things get pretty crazy in Ohio during football season. Ohio football fans are a different breed of crazy and they are not ashamed of it.



The people of Oregon are known for being a little bit kooky from time to time and this picture totally captures the strange culture of the area. You have not seen a real hipster until you’ve been to Portland, Oregon. The man in the photo is as hipster as it gets. Feel free to let your freak-flag fly when you are in this West Coast state. Plus, if you are a vegan, Oregon is a place you need to go. The state ranks number one in vegetarian restaurants.



If you are in Pennsylvania, this is a totally normal sight to see. Welcome to the land of the Amish! Pennsylvania is famous for their large Amish population. Surprisingly though, Pennsylvania does not have the largest Amish population in the U.S. The most Amish people actually live in Ohio. Back in the 18th century, many Amish people started to migrate to the Quaker State because Pennsylvania was known for their religious tolerance and Amish people were getting discriminated against in other areas.


Rhode Island

Even though Rhode Island is the tiniest of all fifty states, the Ocean State should not be overlooked based on its size. While Rhode Island is known for great seafood, it should also be known for crazy lobster fights. Rhode Islanders like to encourage their lobsters to fight it out to their death with knives, rather than simply cooking lobsters in hot water like other states do. Just Kidding! Most Rhode Island Lobsters do not fight like in the picture below.


South Carolina

This mom from South Carolina may not win “Mother of the Year,” but she definitely knows how to have a good time in her back yard. She has mastered the key balance of beer in one hand, gun in the other hand, and baby somewhere on the side. Women from the great Palmetto State are proud and tough and know how to get things done as long as they have their trusty classic red pickup truck behind them.


South Dakota

Welcome to the great state of South Dakota, where buffalos roam freely like prairie dogs. This huge state is sparsely populated, so there are probably more buffalos than people. Most people do not realize that there is a lot more to South Dakota than Mount Rushmore. A lot of our food comes from the farmers of South Dakota. If you think they are a bunch of uneducated hillbillies, you are wildly mistaken! The farmers have a hard job that requires a lot of skills!



When it comes to the state of Tennessee, it is pretty easy to make jokes. As you can see from the photo, Tennessee may be the only place where white people actually do white face. It’s also pretty fun to give Tennesseans a hard time about their college football team, the Volunteers. Tennessee college football fans get a lot of flack since they have not won much. Still, these loyal fans love their football and will make sure to dress in orange from head to toe whenever they get a chance.



In Utah, it is totally normal for each man to have a few wives, just like you can see in the photo below. Many Utah polygamous families have become the center of popular reality TV shows. This western state is also known for having the largest population of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as Mormons. Almost 62% of the population is Mormon and as a result, Mormon culture greatly influences the culture and politics of the Beehive State.



Vermont, also known as the Green Mountain State, has a lot to offer. This beautiful place is a state filled with many moose and even more hippies. Clearly, the moose are treated very well by the hippies and are even allowed to use the local’s pool. People from Vermont just want to live happy lives and eat maple syrup all day. If you like maple syrup, thank the people of Vermont because they produce more than one-third of the maple syrup sold around the country!



It seems as though some loyal Virginians still think that the Civil War is going on. There are tons of memorials all over the state as well as yearly Civil War reenactments that take place around the area. If you end up visiting this state, plan on spotting lots of Confederate and Union paraphernalia. Someone should tell them that the war is over. Also, if you find yourself in this part of the country, don’t confuse anyone from Virginia with West Virginia!



Washington is known to be home to people that are a bit kookier than your average person. That may be why the people of Washington are happy to give out licenses to a completely fictional beast. It seems that Washingtonians really do believe in the magic of Bigfoot. Apparently, Sasquatch has pretty good handwriting too. There are have been numerous Bigfoot sighting around the state and we do not know whether or not to attribute that phenomenon to the state’s legalization of marijuana.


West Virginia

In the photo below, we have the most stereotypical West Virginian man you have ever seen. As you can see, shirts are rarely allowed in this special state. Because the land is so diverse, the people from the Mountain State are known for participating in many outdoor sports like skiing, fishing, rafting, hunting, and biking. Clearly, the people of West Virginia are also known for being able to rock classic hair styles like the mullet, short in the front and party in the back!



Wisconsin is a beautiful state where the motor boats have bigger and better wheels than most of the cars around the area. Something you need to know is that the people of Wisconsin love life on the lake!  The largest city in the state, Milwaukee, sits right against Lake Michigan, so people love to go to the shores and enjoy the water in the summer time. During the winter season when the water is frozen over, the people of Wisconsin focus their attention on hunting instead!



When it comes to traffic jams, Wyoming does things a little bit differently. This is a place where the bison really takes over the land. The land is expansive and beautiful and there are not very many people to fill it up. However, even though there are tons of bison, the people of Wyoming know how to handle these animals because they love their meat! The locally made beef jerky is to die for and luckily there is plenty of bison for everyone to enjoy.


Georgia Part 2

If you are from the great state of Georgia, you are already well aware that Waffle House is the best American restaurant out there! You haven’t had good waffles until you have been to this glorious place in the Peach State. Waffle House is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week so there is always a good opportunity to late night at this magical establishment. If you are a true Georgian, you know whether you like your hashbrowns serves smothered, covered, chunked, or diced.


New York Part 2

No one can deny that New Yorkers know how to eat a lot of food. This really is the land of plenty. New York is one of the only states where it is perfectly acceptable to eat 100 hot dogs in twenty minutes of less. Here, you will be considered a champion eater rather than a serious health risk.  The great food makes up for the fact that life in the city is not always easy, but it is definitely worth it.

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New Jersey Part 2

Maybe someone should tell these young men to lay off of the spray tanning for a little bit. Here we have the most classic display of a “Guido.” They love to wear tight and colorful clothing to show off their muscles. They also LOVE hair gel, as you can see from the men in this photo. The world was exposed to the cultural phenomenon of the Guido when Jersey Shore became one of the most popular reality television shows.


Florida Part 2

Florida is known to get pretty toasty in the summer months, so do not forget to park your car under a tree or you may end up feeling like you are on fire! If you are from the Sunshine state, you know the weather can fluctuate between insanely hot to a torrential downpour of rain in a matter of seconds. The people of the tropical state have to deal with hurricanes and other pretty crazy weather, but they manage it all because they love their state!


Alabama Part 2

The faithful people of Alabama love worshipping Jesus Christ and going to Church. But beware of some people from the Heart of Dixie because they may not be afraid to let you know and warn you that you are sinning and the “devil will get you.” When they are not praying at church, they may be worshipping football instead. Alabamians love football and they love to scream “Roll Tide!” This state has a lot to be proud of when it comes to football.



Finally, we’ve reached the great state of Texas where you can bring your horses through a drive-thru. Don’t hesitate to park in a handicap spot when you are with your cattle because that is totally allowed in the Lone Star State. Also, apparently they have Sonic drive-thrus, which makes the state even more special. Sonic drive-thrus are hard to come by. You don’t get more American than a native Texan who comes from a state where everything is truly bigger and better.

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