Young Girl Sells Lemonade To Benefit Veterans


As a child, setting up a lemonade stand and selling it to those who pass by is a right of passage. It is not difficult work, but yet a great display of young entrepreneurial spirit. One young girl from Saginaw Township, Michigan has put this spirit to good use and a good cause helping veterans.

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Samantha Stricker is only 11 year but has an ambitious goal for the summer. She wants to raise $500 from her lemonade stand. Impressively, she does not want to raise the money for a new bike or new toy, but she intends to raise the money to benefit veterans. Samantha is now in her third year of business, making $250 in the first two years. She decided to have the money go to veterans because she felt that there were enough kids selling lemonade for cancer and other charities.

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Samantha said, “I did one, for, two years ago, for my first one when I was nine, and I was just going to do it for myself, but I decided that other people needed the money more than I did.”

To get her shop off the ground, Samantha needed to find a good location. What better way to raise money for Veterans than outside an American Legion Post. The location paired so well that veterans and non-veterans both stopped for refreshing cups of lemonade.

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Paul Sauvie, a veteran who stopped by Samantha’s stand, explained why he stopped, “I stopped for two reasons. One, I’m a veteran. I spent a couple of years over in the far east during the Vietnam war. Secondly, I believe in supporting young people that are doing positive things.”

All of the money Samantha raises will go to buying things for the Aleda E. Lutz V.A. Hospital. She plans to get simple supplies such as toothpaste, blankets, shampoo and other toiletries. She is open for business every Saturday throughout the summer.