These People Have Been Snapped Having Minor Disasters


Aloe, There!

Honestly we have no idea what would possess anyone to jump into a cactus but it looks as though this guy did just that. With the firefighters called to the scene, it looks like a pretty brutal accident but they look just as dumbfounded as the rest of us!


Rollercoaster Of Nightmares

There are some thrill seekers who cannot get enough of rollercoasters, getting an adrenaline rush from the drops and climbs, spins and loops, but there are others who have a irrational fear of them. Perhaps it is situations like this which absolutely terrify people. It is not exactly the ideal day out when enjoying a day at the amusement park and these unlucky riders seem to have been stuck up there for hours. We hope they all got off safely!


Swimming In Soap

This guy’s facial expression say it all. There is nothing worse than having appliances blow up on you, especially when they cause the biggest mess in your home. Not only would he have to clean up the mess of soap and bubbles, but getting the dishwasher fixed isn’t exactly the cheapest of expenses. If you look on the bright side, at least his floors are clean and he now has a giant bubble bath to enjoy!


Take A Seat

Falling over in front of your class at school is one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to a student. This girl took falling one step further as she fell through her chair! You can see the bright red color of her face as well as the laughing faces of her classmates in the background. This is one thing this poor girl probably won’t be living down for a while but the real question is how she got out of that chair frame?


Happy Burnday!

Birthdays are a time for joy, celebration and of course, cake! This woman was clearly very excited and eager to blow out all of her candles in one go, but her determination landed her in some deep heat. It’s probably every persons nightmare to catch on fire when blowing out birthday candles and this became a reality for this birthday girl. Those flames look rather strong and we hope she didn’t burn herself too badly! Next time, maybe she should leave the candles out.


Eggsistential Crisis

He had one job. There is absolutely nothing this man could do to stop these eggs cracking after falling out of the truck, but as a driver. Imagine making that phone call to your boss, “um, yes, hello sir, I dropped all 3,000 eggs out of the truck.” Let’s be honest, he probably got fired on the spot. Just think of those people waiting for their eggs with their brunch, the looks on their sad faces when they’re told there won’t be any omelettes today. Not exactly brunch goals.



It is not uncommon for people to have phobias of spiders but we sure hope that this woman didn’t, or at least she just didn’t wake up until the spider decided to get off her. Considering the size of that spider, we’re not really sure how she didn’t feel it crawling on her and why the person taking the picture didn’t attempt to get it off! In fairness, it did make a pretty epic picture and the woman was probably horrified when she saw it.


Lady In Red

Bless this woman’s heart, she probably was just needing a rest or enjoying the scenery on a sunny day and took the opportunity to sit on a nice red bench. The signs were made pretty clear, but perhaps this woman struggled with her eyesight and simply did not see them. The situation isn’t all bad though, she chose the perfect day to wear a red jacket, so at least her clothes weren’t totally ruined!

disaster-wet paint

One, Two, Nooooo

Family photos gone wrong are some of the best snaps that you will cherish forever. When this family decided to take part in an adorable photoshoot on the beach, it seems that the parents got a little overzealous when it came to swinging their young children in the air. The mother’s face says it all and she knew the pain that her child was about to endure, and she just couldn’t do anything. We hope it didn’t end too badly!


Heavy Load

“I said some of the bricks, not all of them!” These guys clearly didn’t listen to instructions when it came to transporting clay bricks. It seems rather logical that a large amount of bricks would surpass the weight of the truck, leading it to tip over, but these delivery drivers were rookies. What makes it even better is the fact that they are just standing there ineffectively as if to show they haven’t got a clue what to do.


Buzzing Away

We really can’t think of an explanation for this one. There must be some reason why these wasps cannot get enough of this car but one thing is for sure, the owner must have been absolutely petrified. If it was our car, we’d probably get out and abandon it in the middle of the road. Nevertheless, it must be a pretty weird explanation to give to someone as to why you are late, not to mention totally unbelievable.

disaster- bees


We can’t work out if this guy was just very adventurous and determined or just very oblivious. He had obviously seen something unusual in a tree and wanted to get some more answers, but sticking your head in first doesn’t seem like the smartest of ideas. While getting porcupine spines stuck in your head isn’t the most comfortable of feelings, the poor animal had no idea what was coming for him! Ironically, this man didn’t use his head in the decision.

disaster- porcupine

Splash Zone

This tsunami of a splash just has to be done on purpose and if it wasn’t, this guy has been incredibly unlucky. If it was by pure chance, he was literally in the wrong place at the wrong time but this puddle was just unavoidable. In some countries there is a fine for up to $7,000 as well as penalty points if the act is seen as avoidable and this man is a definite candidate for a hefty punishment.


Dude, Where’s My Car?

The sheer embarrassment on this woman’s face says it all. Who would’ve thought that a puddle in the road was actually a 10 foot ditch?! The worst part of all of this is getting it out, it’s not like she could enlist the help of strong friends and family to assist, this is a job for heavy machinery. We hope she didn’t have somewhere to be on that day because that is going to be a long call to her insurance company.

disaster- car

The Walking Dead

The driver that was behind this hearse was probably petrified when a coffin came smashing through the back window. Had the corpse been resurrected or did the hearse driver make the biggest mistake that would cost him his job? Needless to say, we can only assume the family were less that thrilled to see their loved one being launched through a glass window like a javelin. So much for a peaceful journey into the afterlife.


Off With Her Head

This public transport nightmare is so wrong yet so right. Whatever possessed this woman to stick her head in the middle of two closing doors on a bus is just baffling. Not only that, but she doesn’t even look like she is trying to maneuver herself out of that one, it’s as if she has just accepted her fate on this day. To make matters even worse, everyone on the bus is staring at her, but no one is trying to help the unlucky lady.


Mummy On The Loose

While we don’t know  the back story to this picture, the planning and execution of turning this guy into a mummy and taping him to a tree was quite a genius prank. It seems that the police officer couldn’t help but crack a smile in the situation as he called for back up. He looks so tightly packed that a few people and a couple of pairs of strong scissors would need to be used to release him.


Trunk Show

In all honesty, this photo is more of a once in a lifetime experience than a bad day, and we can’t help but feel envious of this absolutely petrified couple. How they ended up traveling down a road with wild elephants we’re really not sure but the passengers look like they’ve just realized they might have taken a wrong turn on their journey. Despite the bizarre nature of how they ended up there, at least they have an incredibly story to tell.


Wheel’s Up!

If this guy had dreams of being the next Lance Armstrong, we can safely say that they might have been completely scuppered. The height he got on the way up was pretty impressive but there is no denying that that fall is going to hurt a lot. For his sake, we hope it was a leisurely bike ride and not a competition as not only was this a disaster, it was also very embarrassing. Better luck next time.


Man vs Cheetah

Aside from the fact the scenario in this photo is incredibly dangerous, it is also quite impressive. There had to be some kind of reason why this cheetah decided to pounce on this man but he definitely had no chance in going up against this powerful, wild animal. Perhaps he should have taken a note out of the other men’s book and worn a helmet while trekking through the jungle! It looks like something out of a movie.

disaster- cheetah

New Paint Job

Well this is probably not what someone had in mind when they said they wanted a new paint job for their car. This just defines bad day, not only did all that paint go to waste, but it will also take a lot of effort to get all of the white liquid out of the car. If the owner was a decorator for a living, he should probably say goodbye to his current job, he’s got a car to clean.


Bad Hair Day

This picture just makes us so sad. We really feel for the woman who had to go through this, it’s not just the fact that it looks incredibly painful to have your hair pulled out by a shredding machine, but we can just imagine the sheer dread she had to go through right as it was happening. For her sake, we hope she got some kind of compensation from work, at least some new hair extensions.

disaster- hair

Sorry, Dad

This father should win an award for his parenting skills. Not only did he go and support his son in archery practice, but he also took an arrow to the chest like a total champ. This is what it means to be the man of the house, he even sat in a doctors waiting room patiently while this huge arrow was protruding through his chest. The son looks more concerned than his father. Maybe this kid should take up a different activity which doesn’t include sharp objects?


But First, Coffee

This photo will break the heart of any coffee addict. We don’t support those who can survive early in the morning without that hit of caffeine so for this guy, our hearts go out to him. Not only is that fall going to be extremely painful as he thumps down on the ice, but the fact he hasn’t finished his hot coffee makes it ten times worse. Maybe invest in some winter boots next time buddy.

disaster- slip

Free Car Wash

Everyone knows that stressful feeling when you’re driving round for hours trying to find a parking spot in a filled garage but then you find one and all the stress is over. This person probably regretted choosing that spot, and who knows how they even managed to drive away. Perhaps this was the consequences for parking in private property, it’s definitely worse than getting towed. Either way, at least they got a free car wash.



Peacocks are supposed to be majestic, beautiful animals with vibrant feathers and a calm personality. However, this little girl didn’t think that the bird was as graceful as everyone else thought. She looks positively terrified of the bird and is running for her life. Her parents weren’t as intimidated as their daughter and decided to snap a few pictures in the hilarious moment. She has probably developed an irrational phobia of peacocks after this traumatic incident.


Burn Baby, Burn

Summer can be a wonderful time, enjoying the outdoors with your family and playing around by lakes, beaches and pools. It’s a time for everyone to get that bronzed glow, but sometimes, some aren’t so lucky and end up more of a lobster than a golden goddess. This woman seems to be one of the unfortunate ones and all we can say is ouch!


Hippo Chase

This hilarious photo of a hippopotamus chasing a man down the road is comedy gold. It looks as though they are taking part in the race but the man looks positively terrified while the hippo looks to be on a fierce hunt. For his sake, we hope he outran the hippo as they are actually very dangerous animals and if they feel threatened, will crush their prey. While it is not something you would find in the United States, this occurrence is quite common within Africa.