Uber Driver Finds Couple Stranded On The Side Of The Road And Gives Them The Ultimate Present


Fate stepped in on one eventful day as Gabrielle and Eric had car trouble that detained them from reaching their very special destination. Little did they know what started out as a frustrating flat tire would result in making their dreams come true.

David Scullion has not been an Uber driver for long. In fact, he only picked up the gig recently after having a difficult time raising funds for buying a new car. But that day, the day he answered Gabrielle and Eric’s request for a ride, he realized money was the last thing on his mind.


The couple seemed panicky and on edge, so when David asked what was the matter, you can imagine the shock on his face when the two replied they were eloping.

“I could see these were two people that were really dedicated to each other,” Scullion told The News Journal. “I’ve always been a hopeless romantic.”

Picking the two up from the side of the road in Philadelphia, David did not expect to find out the duo that booked his car ride was currently on their way to get married. Apparently, the couple (who preferred to stick to a first name basis), had been driving towards the Cecil County Courthouse in Maryland for their 12:30 appointment – when their brand new Prius sustained the flat. They could not believe their misfortune, but in no way were they about to bail on their marital plans.

As David drove toward their destination, he asked the lovebirds if they had an official witness. When they replied with a sorrowful no, the driver insisted that not only will he be made their designated friend, but also that they will not pay for the Uber fee.


Despite having money issues of his own, David acted selflessly as he waived their Uber fee which, of course, delighted the couple.

Additionally, David drove the two back towards their car and assisted them in properly fixing their car before driving away.

To some this might sound like a heavenly deed made by a noble man, but David claims he was simply grateful that he could give the spouses their first official wedding gift.