Dental Drama: 7 Celebs With Gap Teeth

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Whether you consider it a flaw or a fashion trend, many different cultures around the world have their own thoughts on gap teeth. They have been referred to as a sign of happiness, luck, good fortune, and even sexuality, but in the U.S., we usually turn to cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics and shell out thousands of dollars on braces, Invisalign, dental bands, or bonding to change our gap-toothed grins. A lot of celebrities, however, have chosen to leave their gap teeth just the way they are, thank you very much. Kudos to them!

Anna Paquin

Our favorite celeb who pulls off that gap with style has to be Anna Paquin. Perhaps she never wore braces to fix that imperfection because she was too busy winning an Oscar for her performance in the movie ‘The Piano’ at the age of 11, or perhaps she just thought that it adds character. Either way, she sports that gap like it’s her best asset. Paquin really embodies the Japanese untranslatable word ‘wabi-sabi‘ when it comes to her pearly whites.

Anna Paquin

paquin 1


Wabi-sabi most often refers to the acceptance of the cycle of growth and decay, but it is also sometimes used to describe imperfection in beauty – or the imperfection that makes something more beautiful. Think Marilyn Monroe and the beauty mark above her lip. So who needs veneers and implants when they already have a rock star smile? All we have to say to Paquin and her blemished beam is wabi-sabi.