The Real Reason Blake Shelton Ended Things With Miranda Lambert


Blake Shelton is undoubtedly one of the biggest country music stars of today. Most of America knows him as a judge on The Voice. In his personal life, Blake has been through a couple of high profile relationships, including an ugly divorce with Miranda Lambert.

Relationship History

Blake has been married twice and divorced twice, but still, has no kids. There were many rumors that Blake and Miranda Lambert were going to have kids until their impassioned divorce. Let’s look back at Blake’s dating history.

blake shelton miranda gwen

Work Flirt

Most recently, Blake is dating Gwen Stefani. The two met when Gwen got cast as a judge on The Voice in 2014, where Blake had been a judge since 2011. Little did she know that she’d be meeting her future beau. A Voice insider reported that the pair was, “definitely flirty on the set.” The source hinted at a relationship, saying, “they have spent time together off-set. They don’t want to label anything or define it, they just really like each other.”

Gwen-and-Blake laughing

Seeds Of Love

Gwen and Blake started showing their flirtiness to the public, making people question whether something deeper was going on. In Fall 2014, they appeared together on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as part of a lip-syncing duet. Everyone enjoyed the “singing” as audiences all over the country could see that the two had good chemistry. In fact, a Voice insider said, “the chemistry between them is off the charts. Everyone on set sees that Blake and Gwen are falling for one another.”

jimmy fallon gwen

Tragedy Or Opportunity?

What could Blake and Gwen do about their fledgling feelings for each other? They were both married. However, in 2015, both of them got divorced- just one month apart from each other! The closing of the door of their respective marriages then opened the door for new opportunities. Blake’s divorce of Miranda Lambert had a lot of finger pointing with serious allegations. So did Gwen’s divorce with Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale. Thirteen years and three kids together were not enough to save Stefani and Rossdale’s marriage.

Nanny Mindy Mann with Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani on Thanksgiving 2012.

Gavin’s Outrageous Behavior

Gwen and Gavin Rossdale met in 1995, started dating, and married in 2002. Just two years into the marriage, news leaked that Gavin had a secret child that he did not know about with a previous partner, fashion designer Pearl Lowe. Daisey Lowe, who is now a fashion model, used to be Gavin’s goddaughter before she was his actual daughter. Gwen and Gavin’s relationship proceeded onward, and eventually had kids: Kingston James McGregor Rossdale in 2006, Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale in 2008, and Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale in 2014.

gavin and gwen

Gavin’s Denied This Relationship

Peter Robinson is a British/Jamaican singer who is known to the world as Marilyn. This feminine name was no mistake- he has a very androgynous look, meaning, in other words, that he has both male and female characteristics. In 1995, Boy George leaked that Gavin and Marilyn were in a relationship, but Rossdale denied it. In 2003, Marilyn dedicated a song to Rossdale, and to the “the years of [their] passionate relationship.” Gavin eventually confirmed the relationship, saying it was a “part of growing up.”

The Last Straw

Gavin and Gwen have a lot of help around the house, as their three boys can be a handful. One of the nannies that they had was Mindy Mann, a twenty-something Australian. At one point, scandalous, explicit messages were discovered on the family iPad between Gavin and Mindy. It was revealed that Gavin and the nanny had been carrying on an affair for years behind Gwen’s back. Stefani was, “mortified, livid, and embarrassed.” Gwen described that it had been “a year that was so full of horror- the worst, worst.”

gavin and mann

Cutting All Ties

After the horrific backstabbing that she underwent, Gwen wanted nothing to do with Gavin. She put their shared mansion on the market. She could no longer enjoy the hot tub, infinity pool, theatre, gym, and outdoor kitchen, as all these luxurious perks were soured by the memories with Gavin. Also, she legally changed her name from Gwen Rossdale back to Gwen Stefani. We all knew her by Stefani, but it had been her stage name only for the last 13 years.

Divorce Diet

Gwen’s divorce was rough, but so was Blake’s. After he and Miranda split, he discussed his dramatic weight loss on America’s Morning Show. Blake did not even have to say it, though, as it was clear that he’d shed a lot of fat. Was this an attempt for the freshly single star to get back into shape? Apparently, it was a not a diet and exercise thing, but just the tensions of the divorce. “I just stopped eating,” Blake admitted.


Turning Things Around

After such a devastating divorce, it’s a miracle that Blake recovered. Amazingly, just some months later, Blake said he was in a “good place.” Blake even went as far as revealing to the CMT Hot 20 Countdown that, “it’s amazing how quickly life can turn around for you.” To explain his happiness, Blake explained that he’d “had some pretty cool things in recent times that’ve happened and [he’s] loving it.” Just one week later, a deluge of clues leaked that suggested that it had to do with Gwen.

blake shelton

Letting It Slip

Soon enough, the paparazzi and fans alike started putting together the pieces. A week after Blake admitted he was feeling better, he was seen at New York’s Four Seasons hotel, where Gwen arrived minutes later. A few days later, it was Halloween, and they hung out together at Jared Leto’s party allegedly holding hands at one point. The next day, they were seen at Adam Levine’s party, getting into each other’s personal space. Gwen was vague about it saying, “we’re just trying to have fun.”


Making It Official

The two made a last-minute decision to take their relationship public at a time and place that the whole world would know: in Nashville at the Country Music Awards. However, it did not go exactly as planned, since Gwen did not attend the actual awards, only the afterparties. People thought Gwen did that to avoid Miranda. However, a source said, “she doesn’t care if Miranda’s there or not. She just didn’t have the right clothes for the award ceremony because it was so last minute.”


Not Everyone Was Happy

Gwen was ecstatic about her new relationship, saying that the fun she and Blake had, “made her feel good again,” and that she was simply, “blown away,” by his kindness. By contrast, Gwen painted Gavin as a “control freak.” In fact, Gavin said that he is “suspicious” of Blake and Gwen’s romance, perhaps thinking he was portrayed as a philanderer to cover her own tracks. A source also said that Gwen “just didn’t let [Gavin] work,” citing this as evidence that it was her who was the control freak.

gwen and gavin

Christina Aguilera: No, Doubt

Before Blake and Gwen got together, Blake did not know how to ask Gwen out. He decided to reach out to former Voice host and pop princess Christina Aguilera for advice. Apparently, Christina was doubtful and laughed at Blake for thinking it might work. Blake simply told Aguilera that he had “a crush” on Gwen. Christina laughed, saying, “ha, good luck with that.” After the couple got together, Christina said, “Everyone deserves to be happy, and I’m glad we’re keeping it in the family [of Voice co-stars]!”

Country Music Reactions

When you start a new relationship, you want to see everyone’s reactions, and when you are a celebrity, you truly get everyone’s reactions. One big question must have been in Blake’s mind. Would the country music community support his leaving fellow country singer for a pop singer? Or would they back the cowgirl? John Rich, a huge country star, who was in the band Lonestar, cleared the air. “I love Gwen Stefani,” Rich said, “we all love her… happiness reigns at the end of the day.”

Wedding Bells?

Blake’s relationship with Gwen is going so well, they have made steps towards marriage. They hired Jerri Woolworth, a wedding planner for celebrities, who has planned huge events that have had tens of thousands of guests. Although they still have not officially tied the knot, there are many clues they will. For example, one of Blake’s newest singles, “I’ll Name the Dogs,” features an older couple getting married, surrounded by their families. If that isn’t enough, Gwen’s kids are featured in the video for the song in cameo roles.


Adam Levine Feels Sick

Adam Levine is another judge on The Voice, who sees fellow hosts Blake and Gwen constantly. After seeing the two in a relationship for two years, he has this to say: “I see it every day. I have a pretty unique perspective on it, and it’s real, man. I’m so affectionate and gross with my wife- this is a whole other level of…vomit.” Along the same lines, Levine said, “they’re so in love it’s disgusting.” Since they are happy, the couple has a new goal.


Trying Hard

Blake and Gwen are now both focused on creative projects of many varieties. One form is music; together they perform duets for Gwen’s upcoming holiday album. The first single is called “You Make It Feel Like Christmas.” The other is a lot more exciting. A source close to Blake says the couple is, “right now … hyper-focused on getting pregnant.” Despite Gwen pushing 50, the couple is “hopeful,” as, “they believe there is still a chance for Gwen,” to have another child.


According to In Touch Weekly, Stefani is planning to use IVF to have a baby, and is using her “final embryos.” Although the chances are small that it will work, a source close to the couple says that they, “believe that God has a bigger plan for her, and that includes getting pregnant.” She put her life in the hands of a higher power: “Gwen has been relying on her faith more than ever,” the source says. Apparently, Gwen is confident the IVF, “will be absolutely successful.”

Marriage In Jeopardy?

Although the two are trying to have a baby together, they have seemingly postponed their wedding plans. It seems that Blake has some issues because of the pain of his last divorce. “Blake had hoped that time would ease the pain of the divorce … but sadly, it just hasn’t,” a source told In Touch Weekly. Despite the two-plus years that have passed, “Blake admits he’s still devastated.” Blake apparently spoke to Gwen, “about not being ready to tie the knot.”

 Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton

Rehab Lawsuit

Meanwhile, as Blake tries to get nurse the scars of his past marriage, he has dealt with image problems. Blake appeared on the cover of In Touch Weekly with the headline “Rehab For Blake.” The article attached claimed that Blake had an alcohol consumption issue, and even drank vodka before 11 in the morning. Shelton sued the periodical, and despite the magazine trying to get out of trouble, the judge ruled that they had made libelous claims against Blake. Eventually, the magazine settled with Shelton out of court.

blake shelton drinking

Blake’s First Big Love

Before his high-profile relationships with Gwen and Miranda, Blake was married to his first wife Kaynette Gern. Blake and Kaynette were high school sweethearts, and Shelton said he, “knew Kaynette was the one.” They got married, and she acted as his road manager. Unfortunately, Blake was wrong, as the couple divorced after only three years of marriage, citing “inappropriate marital conduct,” on the part of Shelton as the reason for divorce. After the divorce, Kaynette moved back home to Oklahoma.

blake shelton

Kaynette Picks Up The Pieces

After her divorce with Blake, Kaynette moved home but was annoyed when Blake and his new girl, Miranda Lambert moved right nearby her. She said, “it just felt like Oklahoma wasn’t big enough for all of us.” Kaynette tried to unload her memorabilia on eBay: her Demetrios wedding gown. However, no bids were made. Now, she lives a regular life as a math facilitator at an elementary school. She did, re-marry a celebrity, Cody Joe Scheck, the steer roping world record holder.


Unethical Thoughts

Blake’s relationship started with Miranda in a somewhat-scandalous way. It started off innocent- as co-stars in the CMT 100 Greatest Duets concert. As they sang “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma” together, Blake said, “I was falling in love with her right there onstage.” However, Shelton was married at the time to first wife Kaynette. Blake acknowledged his thoughts as unethical, saying that he, “was a married guy … standing up there going, ‘Man, this shouldn’t be happening.'” A year later, after the divorce, they started dating.


The Second Mrs. Shelton

About four years after they started dating, Blake, like the traditional country gentleman that he is, asked Miranda’s father for her hand in marriage. He agreed, and they tied the knot a year later in Texas. The wedding was also traditional, in that Miranda wore her mother’s wedding gown. One notable difference from other classic weddings was some of the people in attendance were celebrities. Among them were Kelly Clarkson, Katherine Heigl, Cee Lo Green, and Reba McEntire. They ate venison, harvested personally by Miranda!

blake shelton

Missing Each Other

In the beginning of their marriage, Blake and Miranda were spending a lot of time apart, as they are both country superstars with busy schedules. When asked about it, Miranda evinced the old adage that absence makes the heart grow fonder. When she used to finally come home and visit the studio to see Blake, all the stagehands would tell her how Blake gushed about her. “Blake’s been talking about you so much,” they would tell her, and this news made her, “feel special.”


He Changed His Ways

Hosting The Voice took up a lot of Blake’s time, and giving concerts all around the country took up Miranda’s. Blake decided that since he is married, and needs to commit to another person, he was going to make some sacrifices. “Early on in my career I wouldn’t say no to anything, because any little opportunity I got I thought might be the last one,” however, Blake was quoted saying, “I got a wife now. I say no to the things that might not matter as much.”


A Bun In The Oven?

After two years of marriage, Blake was questioned by the media about potentially having kids with Miranda. He said that the couple “[didn’t] have any plans on it. That’s kinda how [they] live [their lives]. If it happens one day then it happens and we’re not trying to make it happen or avoid it.” Even though this was nonchalant, he did seem to be open to it, shrugging, “I don’t see why not. I mean, gosh dang it, we’re married.”


Divorce Is Not An Option

There were rumors presented in Life & Style magazine that Shelton had cheated on Miranda in 2013. The couple dispelled the rumor. Blake jokingly said that it’s “awesome” tabloids think he is, “popular enough” to publish rumors about him. “I have an album coming out! Put my album right next to it and pick it up,” Shelton said, amused. Regarding the rumors, Lambert said, “my mom said to my dad, ‘Divorce is not an option.'” However, she ate her words in July 2015.

blake and lambert

Something Clearly Wrong

Miranda is a professional and knows how to deliver a good show. However, something was clearly wrong the evening of July 18th, 2015, as she performed at the Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming. As she sang “The House that Built Me,” her emotions overtook her and she could not go on singing. She asked the audience to help her sing the song. It was a song that was originally going to be Blake’s, but he gifted it to Miranda. A mere two days later, the couple was officially divorced.

miranda lambert

Poking Holes

Although many rumors swirled about why Blake and Miranda’s wedding fell apart, one of two main reasons was a surprising one. Apparently, Blake’s commitment to The Voice was a major source of their disputes. Miranda did not like the fact that Blake spends two-thirds of his time in L.A., a city she despises. Miranda felt totally deserted, as Blake apparently rarely visited Oklahoma, despite the fact that she would come visit, even just for a day. However, this wasn’t the biggest problem in their marriage.

miranda lambert

Blake’s Accusations

The divorce papers were actually filed by Blake after an unfortunate, scandalous revelation. The whole reason he decided to call for a divorce was that, according to TMZ, is because he learned that Miranda had cheated on him twice. Once Blake knew for sure that it was not just hearsay, he filed the papers. They had a prenup, so it was a smooth divorce legally. Logistically, Blake wanted Lambert’s animals off his ranch immediately. She fired back with a surprising claim about him.


Turn It Around

Although Blake is the one who claimed that Miranda had infidelities, according to TMZ, Miranda claims it was the opposite. A source close to Lambert says that the whole divorce process painted Blake as a good guy and Miranda as unfaithful, but this was only because he employed professional public relations people. The source says Miranda kept the sanctity of the marriage, while Blake had in fact cheated. This back-and-forth has been the main reason the couple split up.


Kicking Her (Stuff) To The Curb

Once Blake and Miranda split up came the dirty work of splitting all their stuff. At one point, Blake’s Oklahoma porch was riddled with boxes and boxes of Miranda’s stuff that he did not want in the house. Blake planned to have all the stuff that Miranda didn’t pick up simply hauled away in a truck. Blake also ordered that she should move all her animals, including many horses, a llama, and a camel, off his ranch as soon as possible.

Miranda’s New Guy

One of the most awkward moments is when you get together with someone new and see an ex. After the heartbreaking divorce, Miranda picked up Anderson East, an R&B musician (who is about four years younger than she is, by the way). The two were seen online in a photo during a vacation in Aspen, all nuzzled up, probably near the fireplace, with the caption reading “the snuggle is real.” Anderson has Miranda come on stage to sing with him, and Miranda put her on his newest album.


Her Side Of The Story

Blake Shelton married Kaynette, and then divorced, married Miranda, and then divorced. What will happen to him and Gwen? Perhaps this is why the couple is holding off on a marriage, and focusing on having kids. Miranda has moved on and is dating Anderson East, an R&B musician. Miranda’s new album The Weight Of These Wings came out in 2017, and she tells fans, if they, “want to hear [her] side of the story or my opinion of what happened, it’s all on there.”


Awkward Encounters

One of the most awkward moments is when you run into an ex, especially when with your new partner. This almost happened at the Academy of Country Music Awards, where Miranda was with new beau Anderson, and where Blake was also sure to be. However, one of the only encounters that happened between the old and new couple was, strangely enough, on Twitter. It happened when Gwen got a new follower- Miranda. Maybe it was Miranda showing she was over it, or perhaps she wanted to spy on Blake.

Adventures Of Blake And Gwen

Since they have gotten together, Blake and Gwen have been on some epic getaways. At the very least, they like to go out to the mountains to play with the kids by Lake Arrowhead. On more adventurous weekends, Blake, Gwen and her kids go to Disneyland! Despite being alive for 40 years, Blake had never been there, and he wore a “1st Visit!” button. Gwen also had fun, taking pictures with Donald Duck. No doubt they are having fun at the happiest place on earth.


Miranda’s Magical Birthday

Gwen and Blake are not the only ones having fun. When Miranda Lambert turned 32, she decided to live out what must have been one of her fantasies. The animal lover has probably been able to pet many the exotic animal, but never had the chance to meet a unicorn. For her birthday, she decided to do the closest thing- put a painted horn on the front of a lovely horse named Sophie. The fun was probably badly needed after the rough divorce.


Trouble On The Horizon?

Although Gwen and Blake seem to be happy together, there is no river long enough that does not have a bend in it. We hope it all works out, but Blake did get divorced twice before. Either way, some bad news has befallen Gwen. She is being sued for when she urged a mob of people to rush the stage at one of her concerts. One woman’s leg was broken in the ensuing chaos, and now she is being sued for big damages.