Hilarious Windshield Notes You Must See!


Terrible drivers are one thing, but having to deal with one in a parking lot is even worse. So if you ever stumble across an awful parker, feel free to be as creative as you want and plant a funny note on their windshield.

What A Superstar

Here is a fine example to give you some inspiration. Let’s face it, a note in all caps is going to mean serious business for whoever it’s targeted at. Sometimes, you just need to spell out the problem!


A Pinch Of Spite

Sometimes, sarcasm is the best way to go when it comes to a good windshield note. The writer should’ve been more careful. It almost reads as if they’re complimenting the guy for parking so well! This “dear driver” may get the wrong impression. However, by the end of the note, anyone should realize that the writer is not at all happy with what has transpired. This especially true because of the candid “hate you” near the end of the message.


Grammar On Point

Sometimes, one can get so caught up in their own message that they start to lose track of what they were writing about. Take this complainer, for example. They ended up writing in a stream of consciousness that forced them to question their own grammar. They make it very clear that having to write a note like this one is a waste of time. But who’s wasting who’s time? Whatever the answer, it was a funny little note.


Nobody Likes You

Sometimes you just need to put someone in their place. Just from the slightest moment of inconvenience, you can judge whether someone is worth writing a windshield note for or not. This guy is certainly one worth the time. And if there was even time to indirectly threaten someone with mountain lions, then this would be a perfect situation. Nobody likes someone who makes their day harder with some terrible parking. So this fit of rage makes perfect sense.


Grumpy Cat Don’t Like You

One technique that could prove to be useful is by writing a message using a fake persona. This specific writer is using the alias Grumpy Cat and even took the time to illustrate what he would look like if he were, in fact, a cat. Whatever his reasons were for choosing such a persona, there is no denying that he conveyed his feelings through the cat’s disappointed expressions. We imagine that this grumpy cat will take further action if it happens again.


Terrible Parking

It seems like this angry person the knew the name of the poor parker. Whoever did this, it looks like she was put to shame for the whole community to know just how bad a driver she is. If there was ever a way to get back at someone for bringing you inconvenience in the parking lot, singling them out with their name seems to do the trick. However, we believe that this “note” is a little more personal than others on the list.


Personalized Spot

This genius needed his own parking spot chalked into the ground to show how special he was compared to other parkers. This complainer certainly rolled back the years, calling back to the times when using chalk to make messages and illustrations was a normal pastime. Sometimes, a windshield note just doesn’t make enough of a point and something a bit more drastic needs to be done in order to show others just how infuriating this driver can be.


What A Jag Off

This may seem a little unnecessary, but sometimes you just don’t have a notepad at hand for such an opportunity. You may need to think outside the box and go with a contingency plan in order to achieve what you set out to do. Take this lady, for example. She utilized the tools she had at her disposal and made the most of them. For the sake of the note, we assume that “Jag” alludes to the car he was driving – a Jaguar.


Rich In Parking Spots

All the money in the world can’t make someone a better driver. You’re either able to improve your skills behind the wheel, or not. This parker is an example of someone with more money than the average person, but just isn’t going to get better at parking his BMW anytime soon. Not only did the driver take up two parking spaces, but it also meant that the writer’s grandmother might struggle to find a parking space when she comes to visit. How inconsiderate!


Come On Dogg

As you’ve probably realized by now, a lot of the messages placed on driver’s windshields so far have been articulate and seem to have had a lot of thought put into them. But as far as this guy’s concerned, we think it’s safe to say that he just went with his gut and wrote whatever first came to mind. As for the term he used to address the driver: either he’s actually called Dogg, or he thinks that dogs can drive…


Sincerely It Is

We recommend that you don’t block anyone when finding a place to park. However, there are definitely some people that you should never take the risk with. Based on the message that this person wrote, we wouldn’t want to mess with his parking arrangements. This is especially due to the fact that he threatened the poor driver with a monster truck. We firmly believe that the recipient of the note would have taken the warning on board immediately.


Who Parked Like A Jerk? Meme Me!

There is a good chance that you would have already seen this image online at some point in the last few years. So the culprit of this parking error should feel a strong sense of nostalgia when they see this iconic meme directed at them. The truth is that the meme can be used in so many situations. But this was certainly a golden opportunity to plant the meme on the driver’s windshield.


PB & Jelly

This retaliator did something that no one else on this list thought of. They took an entire tub of peanut butter, spread it all over the front window and wrote on it “Less expensive than having it towed.” Let’s face it, someone has to be truly angry if they are willing to buy peanut butter and waste it on this terrible parker. It’s not advised to drive when peanut butter is blocking your vision, but maybe it won’t make much of a difference.


It’s That Simple

When winter arrives, the chances of terrible parking shoots through the roof. As the ground gets covered in ice and the snow covers car windows, drivers are naturally going to make more mistakes. But it’s also the perfect time to make the most of the weather when it’s time to get back at the culprits. Take this person, for example. All they had to do was engrave this simple three-word message into the snowy surface on this car.


Merry Christmas, J*rk!

Some note writers are so eloquent and creative with their choice of words. This retaliator painted a vivid picture of the repercussions that would happen if the Hyundai owner ever messed with his parking space again. We not so confident that things would play out exactly the way that this person described it. But we wouldn’t want to risk parking in front this “nice shoveled parking spot.” The recipient certainly got a unique season’s greeting from the writer.


No Mixed Messages

You this guy means business if they’re going to brave through the rain in order to express his anger to the parker of this car. Sometimes the simpler the message, the more to-the-point and effective it can be. This person could have slipped or got stuck in a puddle on the way to the car. So we’d be surprised if the driver did not take this warning on board. Surely he’ll respect the man’s wishes and never block the pavement again.


Mr. T-Rex

One of the more polite windshield notes on our list. This person chose to write a fairly non-threatening message to the driver who was unable to turn off their alarm. At first, they gave them the benefit of the doubt. The likelihood is that this person has a respectable job and doesn’t want to waste his time. But here’s the end result and the writer decided to cover his identity as “Sir Tyrannosaurus Rex” with a top hat and a glass of wine.



This writer was quick to judge the person who parks in front of his driveway. He assumed that the poor parker sucks at life and left this wild assumption on their windshield. Is he probably right? Sure. But who knows, maybe the person was just having a bad day. Or maybe they bought a fake driving license. Or maybe they didn’t have any classes before their test. Ultimately, they shouldn’t have done what they did, so we deem this note completely justified.


Park Well Maybe

Did you remember the one hit wonder by Carly Rae Jepsen, “Call Me Maybe?” If not, you were probably living under a rock when it came out. It was being played virtually everywhere, and this angry person decided to make their own rendition of the hit when they wrote their windshield complaint. “Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, so here’s our verdict, this note’s amazing!” We wouldn’t be surprised if this stopped the driver from making the same mistake twice.


Oh So Gentle

We apologize for the numerous F-Bombs in this windshield note, but it was just too funny to not include! Even if we have blurred some of the expletives in the image, you can read between the gaps, and you’d have to be crazy not to be tickled by this writer’s playful use of that special four letter word. When used correctly, it can really hit a message home. So if it saves some lives, we say, “go for it!”


Stop Ruining My Life

Here’s a slightly different note aimed at a slightly different type of person. When the ticket man stumbled across this note on a windshield of a driver who had parked for too long, this probably gave him mixed emotions. We imagine that it may have partially tickled his funny bone while also hitting home the idea that maybe this driver doesn’t deserve so much hassle from the law. But the law’s the law, and it would be wrong to give this poor person special treatment.


Poor Stevie

We’re not happy with whoever left this note on the parker’s windshield. Fine, feel free to criticize someone for not having the ability to park properly. But please, by all means necessary, don’t bring the music legend Stevie Wonder into this! We understand that they were trying to make a point, but sometimes the imagery can go a bit too far. I mean, who taught this person to write? Captain Hook? Someone needs to brush up on their writing skills.


What A Jerk

There are many cases on this list that revolve around people who have parked across two parking spots. We absolutely hate this and think it’s so inconsiderate. So how do you think we felt when we found out that this person ended up parking in a disabled spot and he wasn’t even handicapped! Some people just don’t care for the people around them and this “jerk” as the writer referred to him is a fine example of that.


Resort To Public Transport

Amazingly, we have found another card distributor for people who can’t park. Endearingly dubbed as The Parking Chronicles, this guy must live in a dangerous neighborhood, specifically one where car crashes are very common. And it’s true; some people are just better off taking the bus to work. So if you get one of these cards next time you return to your car, you may want to rethink your mode of transport for the way home.


Who Even Are You?

There are two potential reasons behind this chilling windshield note. Either, someone has seen the movie Taken too many times and knows the infamous speech that Liam Neeson’s character uses to threaten those who kidnapped his daughter. Or, maybe it was Liam Neeson himself who wrote this note to teach those poor parkers a lesson. As he said, he may not know your name, or what you want for that matter. But he will find you if you cause another inconvenience.


Honorary Member

We have no doubts that even this Beetle owner would have chuckled a little when they saw this note on their windshield. Come on, “Park like an *ss Club?” That’s the type of material that comedians like Eddie Murphy and Louis C.K. would be proud of. But the real question here is: How did this driver park a Beetle poorly? Those cars are tiny! This must’ve been a truly terrible parker, and they deserved every word of complaint that came their way.


Worst Neighbor Award Goes To…

We’ve all been there. Everyone has had that neighbor who just does something that grinds our gears. This particular next door neighbor had a car alarm that went off all night, disturbing the people living next door. As a result, this sensible individual wrote a thorough letter and placed on the neglectful person’s windshield. The writer gracefully advised, warned and cursed him all at once and even awarded him with the prestigious “Worst Neighbor Award.”


Office Joe

You know what they say, a picture tells a thousand words. And this could not be truer where this note creator is concerned. They took the time to carefully illustrate them having a cup of coffee and giving a deadpan instruction to the culprit behind the wheel. But let’s be honest, this isn’t exactly a work of art. Even Pablo Picasso wouldn’t consider this the finest masterpiece. But it certainly helps get the point across – this person is not impressed with someone’s parking.


It Was For The Fam

Even in the coldest of conditions, people can find the inner strength to get out there, write out a note and plant it on the windshield or even the mirror of someone’s badly parked car. Who wants to shovel snow for hours on end only to return and see that someone else has parked in that shoveled space? You would think that close to the festive period people would put on their kind hats and try to be a bit harder.


Sincerely, Everybody

This girl was simply stating the obvious. But every action surely should have a motive or a reason behind. So why would this driver park the way they do? What could explain such inaccurate positioning that is obviously going to be of inconvenience to those around you? If the guy doesn’t have a reason now, he’ll be asking exactly the same questions when the same thing happens to him. Moral of the story is quite simply – cut it out!



Now, this next note might be a bit of a sensitive subject, but the person who printed certainly saw the funny side of it. Many won’t find references to natural disasters funny, but others may be fine with it. Sometimes those jokes that Dad would probably make can have the best effect on the situation. Who knows, maybe the person who made the windshield note is, in fact, a dad. In that case, keep on making these funny notes daddy. It tickled us a little.


Ice Cream Melted, Day Ruined

This note tells one of the most tragic stories on this list. Someone was enjoying their Saturday and had just bought ice cream for all the family to enjoy. But then, the carrier noticed that someone had double parked their Nissan Altima, forcing them to park two blocks away. Needless to say, once he had arrived at his destination, all the ice cream melted. Some people just don’t realize the pain they cause until they are told afterward.



Sometimes, drivers have the audacity to take a parking spot that is reserved for you! So the victim rightfully planted this message on the culprit’s windshield, issuing a warning that was arguably over the top. One thing is for sure: this writer is certainly creative with their punishments and what makes the message even cuter is that they ended the note with a little smiley emoji. This person definitely has a dry sense of humor and knows how to take revenge.


Nut Stamped

Another writer with a little creative spark in them left this hilarious message to the person who got a little too close for comfort to their car. Using imagery like the stuff found in this message can make complaints so much more fun. Also, the PS on this note is absolute gold. Remember, France is right next to Germany, so remind yourself that some things are meant to be close to each other and some things a meant to be kept separate.


Dear Sir, Please Stop

Sometimes you just have to keep your windshield notes clear and to the point. A bit like this one. But we agree that using the term “Bloody Sardine” potentially threw the driver off board a little. You can assume that the drivers involved are British, using that type of language. Sure, it is a bit harsh, but at least it’s snappy, to the point, and it isn’t an essay worth of information for the culprit to digest.


Just Too Tired

We think that the word underlined says “towed.” That would probably the right word to use in this situation. After reading that the person was “too tired,” it does make a lot more sense. The writing isn’t the easiest to read. However, we can clearly make out the three words at the bottom of the page, “you got lucky.” So this person may have got away with it this time, but his luck is certainly running out.


Sorry Not Sorry

This is a unique way to get back at some who double park – park up and close to their car, denting it and then write a note explaining what you did. Not only that, sarcastically apologizing for what you have done only to make the other person realizing where they went wrong and how this whole debacle could have been avoided. This image alone should teach any sane person out there to avoid double parking at all costs.


Thanks But No Thanks

This is one of the first cases on this list where someone planted a note on their own car. This hunk of junk has part of a window missing, making it very easy for opportunists to put their hand in and reach for any valuables that are nearby. However, this ingenious note works as both a makeshift shade and also warning. If burglars read it, they’ll learn that there really isn’t anything of much value worth stealing.



This particular case shows that one can really show the culprit a detailed and concise way of righting their wrongs. The writer has identified the problem and provided the reader with a thorough way of rectifying the problem so that they never do it again. However, depending on who’s on the receiving end of this windshield note, it may still come across as pretty patronizing. This doesn’t take anything away though from the professional looking image and bullet points included.


Itsy Bitsy Turtle

On the flipside, here is a message that an infant could probably understand. So we’d like to think that the recipient of this note will fully comprehend where they have gone wrong and how they can make amends for their silly mistake. Sometimes you have to go back to the start and explain things to people in a way that they are guaranteed to understand. Just add a cute picture of a turtle and make your text a pleasant font.


You’ve Been Served

The third business card on our list is directed at the “Asshat Parking League.” There seems to be more and more people out there who are just constantly having run-ins with horrific drivers. So this victim has also put his card-making skills into practice and printed a large number of “business” cards for the many poor drivers who have annoyed them over the years and who may affect them in the future. This is one of those fancier windshield notes.


Autobots Unleashed

There are times when you have to be relatable with your windshield messages. This writer probably just assumed that the person they were writing to knew who the Transformers are. And if they don’t know of Optimus Prime by now, we’re sure that they’ll be able to look him up on Google. It will probably terrify them when they realize whose car they blocked…imagine if Autobots just started forming in the parking lot! It would be absolutely epic.



On first glance, you’d think that a card with the word “Hiya” in all caps would be a friendly greeting of some sort. However, on closer inspection, one will realize that this is just hostile as any of the other notes on this list. But we do recommend that before you mass print a bunch of these fancy looking cards, make sure to thoroughly spellcheck. “Revolove” is just not going to fly for many people. We think they meant “revolve.”


Right And Wrong

This illustration isn’t as sophisticated as others on this list. However, we knew exactly what the writer was trying to imply with these images. The one crossed out is detailing how not to park. The other with a tick next to it shows how to. And let’s clarify things: this isn’t just any typical douchebag. This is a “dear douchebag.” So this message is certainly written with the best intentions. We just hope the reader gets that.


Check And Mate

If you bring politics into a bad parking situation, you just know that things are about to get serious. At the end of the day, double parking is an annoyance of the highest degree. But sometimes, you just have to make it clear how frustrating this type of act can be. What would actually be funny is if the poor parker is, in fact, a Republican. Then we might have a full-scale war on our hands. Watch out.


Inconsiderate Sir

There are many situations when the poor quality of the culprit’s car overshadows the crime that they have committed. Take this person for example, who in the writer’s words, was driving a “piece of s**t Chevy.” In their opinion, this particular car didn’t even deserve one parking spot, nevermind two. Some people just need to highlight the flaws they see in others in order to get their point across. We’re not sure if this message will change the recipient’s ways though.

I-See (1)

Lather, Rinse, Repea-heat

This is probably the most intricate message on our list. The writer has meticulously detailed the problem that has arisen between the two drivers and has even proposed a solution to the problem. But there is a peculiar sentence at the bottom of the page, and we’re not too sure why it’s there: “BTW – Showing is ‘Lather, Rinse, Repeat.'” What does this mean exactly in relation to the rest of the message? Maybe the two driver’s are romantically involved…


Let’s Play A Game

This message must have scared the living daylights out of this traffic warden. Ever watched the movie Saw? Then you will probably get the reference in “play.” The main character is a psychopath who likes to create torture traps for strangers. Though this doesn’t seem like such a painful game, we can imagine the warden getting frustrated with all of these returned tickets. Haven’t all drivers wanted to do something like this though at some point in their lives?


All Of The Above

It seems like this person has been on the receiving end of many unfortunate parking situations in his life. So much that he has mass printed his own questionnaire card for any poor parkers who mess with him in the future. We take our hats off to this guy for taking the time to provide a substantial list of options for the people in question. But there’s a chance that there may be many culprits out there who’d have to tick the bottom box.


Potato Clan Is P*SSED

This seems like more work and time than it’s worth. But someone took a bunch of potatoes and carved them to make them look like a bunch of angry pedestrians. The windshield note provides an entire backstory to the spuds – they are the Potato Clan. We imagine that the driver was dissuaded from ever parking poorly again. But who knows, maybe they wanted to see the Produce Army in full effect. Bring on the Banana Battalion and the Cabbage Crew.