Movie Bloopers That You Missed


There’s nothing like finding a hilarious blooper in the middle of an award-winning drama film. You might want to grab some popcorn, because these are some of the greatest bloopers found in film.


A movie that has made the blooper reel twice, Braveheart accidentally filmed a man wearing a baseball cap in this scene. We hardly imagine that the baseball cap would have gone well with the kilt that wasn’t in fashion yet either … You’d have thought someone would have researched this, or least proof-watched it for imposters, before the movie went out. This is one blooper that won’t just blend into the background, and now it’ll be all you notice when you watch the movie for yourselves. Sorry about that.


Forrest Gump

How much do you think about you know about Apple? You may have the latest iPhone, or use the latest Macbook Pro, but did you spot the massive Apple mistake in the hit movie, Forrest Gump? Forrest received a letter from the company in 1975, and we get to see the letter-headed paper, excitement building with him. That is until we realize that in 1975, Apple simply didn’t exist. The company only started trading and became a public name in 1981, and that was six years AFTER the film was set.


Pretty Woman

We refuse to believe that there are any movie bloopers in Pretty Woman. Okay, fine, we admit it, there seems to be a continuity problem here. In one scene, Julia Roberts’ character is happily eating a croissant for breakfast, and in another scene, the croissant has miraculously changed into a pancake. Perhaps she had one in each hand and we just didn’t notice? If she did, we’re pretty sure she could be our spirit animal.


Saving Private Ryan

This movie was so well done, you could hardly believe there were any movie bloopers, but sadly, Saving Private Ryan isn’t safe. Captain Miller has been hurt in battle, and he’s composing himself, resting on the ground, leaning up against a motorcycle. The motorcycle in question is a Ural M-63, and a rather authentic model at that. The blooper here is that the bike wasn’t actually released until over eighteen years after the movie was set. Still, it looks good.


Django Unchained

Jamie Foxx plays the lead role in Django Unchained, Django “Freeman”, a slave who is separated from his wife and sold off. He is often seen wearing a super cool pair of sunglasses in the movie too, set in the 1850’s. The only problem with that wardrobe choice is that sunglasses wouldn’t have been regularly worn by “regular” people back then. In fact, only doctors would give sunglasses out to people who needed them for medical reasons.


Back to the Future

To be fair, Back to the Future brought about the idea of hover boards, and they technically came true in the form of … well, hover boards. Those things on two wheels that everyone was falling over on for a while. However, it wasn’t just made-up stuff, there were movie bloopers too. One in particular featured Marty having a whale of a time with a guitar that hadn’t even been released yet. The movie was set in the year 1955, but the guitar itself wasn’t released until three years later – 1958.


Lord of the Rings

In this picture you can Gandalf gearing up for a fight, and what’s surprising is the gear he’s rocking too! Can you see that watch he’s wearing on his wrist? Considering this movie was set many, many decades in the past, watches wouldn’t have been invented yet. Not that this movie blooper hindered the sales. The series of films was nominated for over 30 Academy Awards, and they won a staggering 17 of them too. Together, they’re known as the highest-grossing movies of all time.


Panic Room

Did you ever see the Jodie Foster movie, Panic Room? There is one scene in the movie where her character is stuck in this room, and seeing her chance, sets fire to propane. The propane rises, she drops to the floor, and is instantly saved from the flames. It seems logical enough, right? Sadly, if you were to do this in real life, you’d be dead. The propane wouldn’t have risen, it would have sunk to the floor, being heavier than air and all. Technically, everyone would have died.



300 is a movie set in around 480 BC. That’s a well-known fact, right? So, if the movie is set in that year, how come they were using bombs, under the command of Xerxes? The army couldn’t have done as they were directed because black powder hadn’t been invented yet, and black powder is necessary to have created those weapons! It wasn’t until the 9th century that the powder was invented – many, many years after the movie was set.


Independence Day

There is nothing more frightening than that one seen in Independence Day, where the Empire Building explodes, quite literally from the inside-out. It seems like a real enough scene to scare the life out of us, but we’re about to make it less scary. If you take a look at the streets leading up to the exploding building, you’ll notice that they’re not the actual streets that exist in real life. The Empire State Building doesn’t sit straight down a long road like that.


The Aviator

It was an award-winning film that was met with critical acclaim, and was nominated for 11 Academy Awards, winning five of them, but The Aviator isn’t safe when it comes to movie bloopers. Do you remember the scene where Leonard DiCaprio can be seen purchasing a box of delicious cookies, the best chocolate kind? Well, that scene shouldn’t have happened. The movie scene itself was set in 1928, but the chocolate chip cookie wasn’t actually invented until at least two or three years later. Ooops.


Django Unchained

It’s on the list for a second time around, but this movie blooper is actually quite a serious one – one in which our little Leo gets hurt! There is one scene in which the characters are dining, and illustrating his words, Leonardo DiCaprio hits his hand down on the table. His hand gets cut and there’s blood pouring out like something out of a horror scene, but in true professional style, Leo keeps himself together and continues to film the scene. That scene, blood and all, made its way into the movie. Now that’s hardcore acting.


American Sniper

It’s every woman’s idea of a dream – Bradley Cooper holding a baby, although when you learn about the movie blooper in American Sniper, you might not look at this actor in quite the same way again. He can quite visibly be seen using his thumb to move the baby’s hand … because the baby is a doll. Using real kids costs the production team a lot of money, and they were keen to save a few bucks, so a plastic doll was pushed into his arms and he really tried his best to make it look realistic. Just not good enough for our beady little eyes to miss!


Rumble in the Bronx

In this movie, Jackie Chan is being super gung-ho and mean, kicking the butts of any bad guys who came near, but it wasn’t without its fair share of awkward moments … and painful ones. You may recall that Chan’s character in the movie wears a right sock? Well, that’s to hide a plaster cast because, whilst doing one of his own stunts, he seriously injured himself. You’ve got to appreciate an actor who really gets into his parts … broken bones and all.



During the filming of the movie Gothika, filming was paused for about eight to ten weeks because of an accident Halle Berry had whilst shooting. Robert Downey Jr. and the actress were shooting a struggle scene, when he accidentally got a bit too heavy handed and actually broke her arm. She put it down to a “freak accident”, and said that the two had remained friends since the incident, but we’re sure she didn’t appreciate the eight weeks it took to heal.


The Lion King

As if Disney movies could have any movie bloopers … apart from the obvious conspiracy theories that all Walt Disney movies contain some some of adult-theme running through them, of course. Within The Lion King, however, there was one blunder that was very clear to see – Nala, the best friend of Simba, seems to have changing-color-eyes. In some scenes, they’re blue, and in others, they’re green. All the stars are wearing colored contact lenses these days though, so perhaps it was just that?



In the 1995 movie Braveheart, Mel Gibson plays the main character, William Wallace. The movie is set in the 1300’s and follows the First War of Scottish Independence against the King of England, Edward I. Nothing wrong so far, right? Well, actually, wrong. In the artwork for the movie, Mel Gibson is seen wearing a kilt, something the 13th century warrior is often sporting throughout the movie, yet the kilt itself wasn’t invented until much later – the 16th century.

Movie-Bloopers-1 (1)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The Harry Potter series of films are actually renowned for having a number of movie bloopers, and there are entire websites dedicating to pointing them out. This is a pretty big error to make though – forgetting about a full-grown camera man, dropped to his knees. He doesn’t even look anywhere near like the students do, totally unable to blend into the background. Even Snape and Malfoy’s shenanigans can’t tear our eyes away.



Troy had all the hallmarks of a great movie. Firstly, there was a beautifully chiseled Brad Pitt which, let’s face it, no one’s going to complain about. Secondly, it covered the story of the Trojan War, which was quite exciting, and thirdly, it was the highest-grossing film of 2004, the year in which it was released. With all the time and effort that went into making this movie, and the money too, you’d have thought someone might have noticed this very modern plane flying in the background of a very not-modern Brad Pitt in full warrior costume. Ooops.


The Matrix

When working with mirrors and cameras, there’s always a risk that someone, somewhere is going to pop in the screen. However, with The Matrix, it was such a glaring mistake that we can’t believe it was ever let into the final cutting of the film. You can see Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburne in the door handle reflection, but you can also very clearly see the camera man too. At least they tried to camouflage him in all-black though.


Pirates of the Caribbean

Captain Jack Sparrow had some interesting choices, and we often wondered what his big obsession with rum was all about, but one thing we didn’t think we could say about this crazy pirate was that he favored the Adidas brand. Because, judging from this movie shot, he does. As far as movie bloopers go, leaving the label on what is supposed to be period costume is probably not the best idea. We wonder who got fired for this whoopsie. Or if anyone spotted it before it went out to the masses?


Spy Kids

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – recording films when there are mirrors around is a very bad idea. Oh, and door knobs, as was the case in The Matrix. But in this scene in Spy Kids, you can very clearly see a cameraman trying not to be seen in the reflection of the right hand mirror. We wouldn’t mind but it’s not like the guy isn’t obvious. Perhaps he was put there on purpose to see if we were paying attention?



The 2016 superhero game took over the world, and soon became the subject of memes for everything and everyone. Played by Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool was a cheeky little character, and apparently he was very good at making things disappear, too. There’s one scene where he ends up in a dumpster, and he doesn’t have his swords on his back. He climbs out of the dumpster, and the swords have mysteriously found their way back onto his back again. A few moments later, heading to his apartment and casually strolling down the street, the swords have disappeared one more time. Make up your mind, Deadpool! Please, we can’t keep up.


Jungle Book

Right, stop it with the Disney movie bloopers now because, seriously, you’re breaking our hearts! In the newest version of the Walt Disney classic, you can see a rain scene but the actors aren’t being rained on at all. The creatures that live in the jungle aren’t being splashed on, and neither are the people, such as Mowgli. If it was raining, especially torrential downpours of the stuff, surely splashing would happen? There are some things that special effects artists can’t do, apparently.


Star Wars

This movie blooper is famous among Star Wars fans – that awkward moment that a stormtrooper hits his head on the doorframe as he tries to cooly walk through. We’ve all been there, we’ve all done that, at least he didn’t fall over in the process. At first, they removed the ‘bump’ sound from the recording, but in the digital remastered versions, the bang was put in. We can only imagine that the trooper had been dancing up a storm the night before and was a tad hangover. Weak joke? Blame the bump on the head.



This is another of the biggest and most famous movie bloopers – that super awkward moment you leave a gas canister in full view of the camera during a chariot race, when gas canisters hadn’t been invented yet, otherwise they probably wouldn’t have been running around with horses and chariots in the first place. It’s only once the dust has settled do you get a glimpse of that shiny metal, but it ruins a movie that is otherwise amazing. It’s the attention to detail that gets us, right?


The Princess and the Frog

Like most women, Tiana can’t make up her mind in the movie The Princess and the Frog. No, we’re not talking about men, we’re talking about accessories, and to be more specific, her earrings. In one scene, she’s flashing the sassy gold little numbers but a few moments later and they’ve mysteriously been removed from view. We’re wondering if the animation artist got bored and opted for the more natural look? Or perhaps he just lost one of his earrings down the back of the couch and decided to leave the second one out?


Fast and the Furious 7

We know, you don’t want to hear about any movie bloopers as far as the Fast and Furious movies are concerned, but F&F7 isn’t safe. We’re sorry about that. Let’s set the scene – there’s a house, an explosion, and people are sent flying everywhere. Despite this, not a single window bursts. Not a single shatter. Not one smash. Conspiracy theorists would be going mad over this stuff – an explosion without any broken glass? What’s the world coming to?


Rain Man

You know when they say that you shouldn’t work with animals or children? Well, we reckon we should add Dustin Hoffman to that list, particularly when it comes to him working with Tom Cruise. The couple are filming, stuck in a phone box together, and according to reports, Dustin Hoffman treats his fellow actor to a nice bit of home-brew. Yes, that’s right, he passed gas in the phone box for his co-star to enjoy the whiff off. Nothing like being a grown up, eh?


Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Any Harry Potter fan will know that a main characteristic that is emphasized about Harry’s appearance is that he has his mother’s eyes. Even though in the book series Harry’s eyes are green, in the films they are blue. The actress chosen to portray his mother, Lily, in a flashback scene has brown eyes, which goes directly against the strongly-emphasized point that Harry eyes are identical to hers. They could have easily avoided this issue with colored contact lenses or special effects.


Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing gave the world one of the most quoted lines in film history: “Nobody puts baby in a corner!” The film also launched the careers of Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze. If you look carefully, you’ll notice a small blooper in the car scene. Although Johnny is supposed to be driving the car, the car’s gearshift shows otherwise. Here you can see that the car is actually positioned to be parked. A small mistake, but a funny one nonetheless.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 3.18.44 PM

Dallas Buyers Club

Dallas Buyers Club is a biographical movie about Ron Woodroof, portrayed by Matthew McConaughey, who is an AIDS patient living in a time where the disease was still very stigmatized and misunderstood. In one scene in the film, which is set in 1985, viewers can see a poster of a Lamborghini Aventador behind Woodroof. However, this specific model of Lamborghini actually did not exist until 2011, rendering the poster an anachronism. Most likely only car enthusiasts would notice this blooper.


Lord Of The Rings – The Hobbit

Orlando Bloom portrayed the Elf Legolas in all three films of the Lord of the Rings franchise, as well as in the multiple The Hobbit films. In the Lord of the Rings films, his eyes are brown, which is Bloom’s natural eye color. However, in the several installments of The Hobbit film franchise in which he appears, Legolas’s eye color magically changes to blue. Perhaps film director Peter Jackson can blame sorcery on the change, however, we believe it was simply a blooper.


Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is one of Quentin Tarantino’s most popular films to date, and is also the film that revived John Travolta’s once-dwindling career. The shooting scene is probably one of the most well known scenes from the cult classic and it definitely one of the most action-packed scenes of the entire film. However, there is only one issue with the iconic scene of the movie: bullet holes can be found in the wall before any shooting actually takes place.


Cast Away

Cast Away is a 2000 film starring Tom Hanks in the lead role of Chuck Nolan, a man who is stranded on an island after his plane crashed somewhere in the South Pacific. Hanks was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for this role. Although the movie is highly acclaimed, that did not prevent this blooper that somehow slipped through the editing process. When Noland finds a floating FedEx box in the ocean, it is not actually a waterproof box.



Do you remember the scene in Titanic where Jack Dawson, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, sits down with Rose DeWitt Bukater, that he used go ice-fishing with his dad, in a place called Lake Wassota? Well, the Titanic famously sunk after hitting an iceberg in 1912, five years before the actual Lake Wassata was formed by a man-made dam in 1917. So … that whole ice-fishing tale Jack told the girl? Yeah, he made that up. Classic guy move, right?


The Book of Eli

Starring Mila Kunis, Gary Oldman, and of course, Denzel Washington, The Book of Eli was released in 2010, but set thirty years after a nuclear apocalypse. We see Denzel’s character reading from a bible in the movie, but not just any bible, a bible made with braille for the partially-sighted. You’d think there was nothing wrong with this scene, but when you consider that braille books are often much bigger and thicker than regular books, the bible in the film just wasn’t big enough. In reality, it would have been over 38 volumes.


The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is perhaps the most talked about film of all Batman movies to have ever been released. Not only was the film darker and edgier, but the events surrounding the film’s release in terms of Heath Ledger’s death certainly added to the hype of the film. However, this was not enough to prevent a serious typo in The Gotham Times newspaper found in the film, as they did not notice the misspelling of the word ‘heist.’ Hopefully next time they can hire a proofreader.



Oh dear, it’s on here again. Yet another Gladiator blooper, this time it’s about the name Russell Crowe was given – “The Spaniard”. We appreciate the term and all but technically, it’s not factually correct. Think about it – Gladiator was set in the year 180. The word “Spaniard” wasn’t actually ‘invented’ until about the 14th century, deriving from an old French term. He couldn’t be “The Spaniard” because it wasn’t even a word yet.



Spiderman has many skills, some of which we’re sure he didn’t even know about. For example, when he managed to completely replace an entire lamp and lampshade in the blink of an eye, as shown here. He’s practicing his spidey-skills when he accidentally knocks and breaks the lamp, yet when his aunt walks in just a few moments later, the lamp is back on the shelf and in one piece again. Yes, we’re that friend that notices all the continuity problems in a movie. Sorry, not sorry.


Back to the Future

To be fair, Back to the Future brought about the idea of hover boards, and they technically came true., in the form of those things on two wheels that everyone was falling over on for a while. However, there were movie bloopers too. One in particular featured Marty having a whale of a time with a guitar that hadn’t even been released yet. The movie was set in the year 1955, but the guitar itself wasn’t released until three years later – 1958.