Dior’s Latest High Jewelry Collection Is Inspired by the Mystery of Versailles

If there’s one thing Monsieur Christian Dior and Victoire de Castellane – creative director of Dior’s high jewelry – have in common, it’s their unwavering fascination with the Palace of Versailles. The royal chateau is a very famous tourist attraction that boasts of iconic architecture, rich interiors, and lovely gardens. Inspired by the hidden secrets of the French palace, de Castellane evidently upped the ante on Dior’s latest fine jewelry collection.

The luxurious jewels are designed with an air of mystery. Take the sapphire necklace, the design of which is akin to a velvet curtain. See its hidden beaded oval lock and, if you pay more attention, discover a hand-engraved skull below the center stone. Plus, an elegant diamond ring with a tucked ruby awaits to be revealed in all its glorious beauty.

“I was imagining the spirit and the atmosphere of these secret places you don’t know about, and the romance of [experiencing them]. There’s this idea of little-hidden things and the ghosts of the past.,” de Castellane explained of the timeless pieces of jewelry. Expect to see these rare lovelies in Dior boutiques. This latest fine jewelry collection attempts to replicate the mystery surrounding the famed royal residence: from the concealed doorways to the secret bedroom of the king and his mistress.

Each piece of the Dior A Versailles, Pieces Secrets collection is a work of fine craftsmanship as well as a serious play of creative ideas. Using only the highest quality stones such as Type IIa diamonds and Zambian emeralds, de Castellane and her dedicated team put their best skills and hearts in coming up with this thrilling set of jewelry. Each fine piece exudes regal class and the hidden beauty of royalty’s sumptuous secrets.

The would-be wearers of this fine jewelry are in for a treat as each intricate piece is specially designed to evoke thoughts on the grandness of Versailles.