7 Ways To Instantly Know If You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

It’s hard to believe that something you can buy pounds of in the supermarket could have as powerful an effect on your brain as an illicit drug. Yet scientists agree that sugar actually works in much the same way as addictive substances like cocaine. In fact, while its effects may not be quite as noticable, studies have shown sugar can be even more addictive than cocaine. In his research with rats, Dr. James DiNicolantonio of Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute found, when given a choice between cocaine and sugar, the animals favored the sweet stuff an overwhelming majority of the time. While the findings of animal studies don’t always translate to humans, the remarkable difficulty most of us have in resisting the allure of sugar suggests, like it or not, we are probably not so different from Dr. DiNicolantonio’s rats.

The worrisome thing about sugar addiction is its detrimental effects are slow moving. Many people don’t even realise they’ve been causing damage until it’s too late. What exactly happens when you eat too much sugar? Well, excess sugar consumption has been linked to obesity, type II diabetes, cancer, premature aging, acne and many other afflictions. If you’re keen on avoiding these conditions and protecting your health, read on to discover 7 instantly recognizable signs that your body is getting too much sugar.

Are you Experiencing Lack of Energy and Fatigue?

While sugar can certainly increase your energy during the moments immediately after you eat it, this comes from a blood sugar spike which in turn spikes your insulin, and just as with the laws of gravity, what goes up must come down.

The brief spurt of energy produced by excess sugar intake results in a sugar crash once it wears off. If repeated over time, this can lead to a generalized feeling of tiredness and fatigue. So, if you’re waking up exhausted, even after a full night’s sleep, excess sugar could well be a factor (this is definitely a symptom worth chatting to your doctor about).