8 Tips To Increase Happiness In Your Everyday Life

We all want to live a happy, fulfilled life, but it can be hard sometimes. Here are eight tips that will help you and guide you on your journey to the happiest life possible.

1) Attitude Of Gratitude

Martin Seligman, psychologist, self-help author, and educator is an extremely influential figure in the field of positive psychology.

In his research regarding people’s happiness, he found that having a gratitude journal, a notebook where you list things you are thankful for, is related to being more optimistic, more physically active, and overall physically healthier.


2) One Thing At A Time

Multitasking seems like a good idea, but scientifically, it’s not really possible. Doing so actually makes both tasks take much longer than if you just focus on one at a time. Focus also removes the stress of juggling tasks in your mind.

3) Be Present

Instead of being overly concerned with what happened in the past, whether it be yesterday or years ago, or pre-occupied with the future, it’s best to stay present and focus on the now.

Ram Dass, the spiritual leader, goes more in depth about this critically important philosophy in his famous book Be Here Now.

ram dass

4) Money Is Important Only To A Point

New research shows that although money is important, there is a limit. After you have your basic needs fulfilled, earning another thousand (or hundred thousand) dollars does not do much for you. So being a millionaire is not a necessary goal (although usually, we’d like to find out for ourselves).

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5) Embracing Rejection

Whether it’s in relationships or in business, it’s important to not take rejection personally. Think of rejection as a learning experience- why did it not work this time?

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback and adjust so you can win next time.

6) Commit To Your Goals

Setting and writing goals on paper have been shown to lead to an increase in achieving them. But the most important thing is to be persistent.

Grit and willpower to stick with the goals for months or even years is the only way to achieve them.

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7) Confidence Means Doing

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Even if you are perfectly capable for a task, nobody will ever know unless you take action. Research shows that you need both ability and confidence to be successful.

8) Go On A Trip

Traveling can be very eye-opening, and give you a chance to reflect on what is important to you, giving an invigorated sense of purpose to your life. Even a short vacation can recharge your batteries and raise life satisfaction overall.

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