Get a Delicious Look at the World’s Most Luxurious Chocolate

While most will gladly settle for a Toblerone, for those living lives of luxury are going for chocolate that’s just a little more rich. Just like with other luxuries, the rich are also willing to pay top dollar for tasty treats. Today we’re going to give a delicious look at some of the most expensive and delicious chocolates out on the market. You won’t believe how much money some of these chocolates cost.

Debauve & Gallais’s Le Livre

In celebration of their 200 year anniversary in the year 2000, this company released a $550 Le Livre of chocolate. It feature a mix of thirty five different chocolates. The are arranged in a leather bound case that resembles a huge book. It has been a major hit in the past 18 years and is currently still of top seller. It includes white chocolate bars, chocolate chip, truffles, bonbons and so much more.

Richart’s Intense Valentine Gourmet Chocolates

Also out of France is Richart’s Intense Valentien Gourmet Chocolates. This is a $77 dollar box that features up to 49 different chocolates. This box feature seven different chocolates that are each tasty in their unique way. The seven aromas are roasted, fruity, floral, citrus, balsam, spicy and herbal.

Amedei’s Prendime

This chocolate isn’t only rich and tasty, but is made amongst the beauty of Tuscany, Italy. It should also be noted that the chocolate is made by the world’s first female master chocolatier. You’ll scarcely find this $55 box of chocolate here in America, that is unless you live in New York City. There it is available at Union Square. Pulling out this box of chocolate after dinner will make quite the statement to whomever you’re with. Is definitely worth it to have a box of these chocolates around. The boxes come in hazelnut, dark and milk chocolate.