Hero Jumps Through Car Window To Save Man Having A Seizure


A 39-year-old man took the ultimate leap of faith when he jumped into another man’s car. The driver had started to suffer from a seizure.

car seizure 1

The moving car caught the attention of both the police and Randy Tompkins, a local from Dixon, Illinois. The man noticed the car moving aimlessly through traffic, eventually veering to the wrong side of the road.

Tompkins was driving his truck on Friday afternoon as he usually does. But suddenly, he spotted the odd moving car and realized that he would need to take action.

So without hesitation, truck driver Tompkins quickly pulled over, sprinted to the car and dived in through the open passenger-side window. Once he was in the moving vehicle, he was able to pull it to a stop. The entire incident was recorded on police dash-cam.

The rescuer, along with a group of officers in a patrol car, stood by the driver, watching over him until paramedics arrived to attend to him.

car seizure 2

Then, Tompkins skillfully put two fingers in the driver’s mouth in order to prevent him from swallowing his own tongue. Since then, the unidentified man has been taken to the hospital.

He has reportedly recovered from his seizure and Tompkins has been hailed in his town as an unexpected hero.

Authorities still have not disclosed the identity of the driver, but have praised 39-year-old Tompkins for his brave efforts to save the man’s life.

He was commended trying to help a complete stranger. Dixon Police released a statement on their Twitter account saying the following: “We want to thank Tompkins for his heroism and for coming to a complete stranger’s aid today! #DixonProud”

Randy Tompkins seems to be the type of guy who we would all love to have by our side as we drive down the freeway on a Friday afternoon.