Home Remedies That Actually Work For Those Annoying White Bumps Around Your Eyes

Milia, milk spots, annoying little blemishes: whatever you call them, those small white bumps that pop up around your nose, upper cheeks and eyes can be frustratingly difficult to get rid of. While they may look like little whiteheads, trying to pop them will only cause inflammation and the solid little white bump will remain. While they can make an appearance at any stage of life, they do tend to be quite common in babies and they are simply the product of keratin becoming trapped beneath the very surface layer of your skin.

Common triggers for the appearance of milk spots or milia on your skin include sun exposure, laser therapy, anything else that causes burning or blistering of the skin, and the use of topical treatment like steroid cream. While you might not like the look of them, rest assured milia are completely harmless and do not carry any health risks. However, if you’re a bit of a perfectionist, you probably still want to get rid of them. Lucky for you, we have tried and tested some easy and safe home remedies for milk spots. After weeding out the ineffective ones, we are happy to present you with the 7 best and most effective natural home remedies for milia.

1. Gentle but powerful oatmeal exfoliator

That humble package of oatmeal you have sitting in your kitchen cupboard could be just what you need to do away with milk spots for good. As a bonus, oatmeal is great for the general health of your skin too.

All you need to do to make this simple, gentle exfoliant is grind up a tablespoon of oatmeal in a spice grinder. Mix in a few drops of water (or for added oomph, honey) until you have a thick paste that will be easy to apply to your face. Since this exfoliant is going to be a healthy treat for your skin, feel free to apply it all over your face, let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then give it a good scrub before washing it off, focussing with gentle attention on the areas with the milk spots.