Beauty Shop Small Talk Led To Much-Needed Kidney Donation

Some people like to chat with their barber or beautician, but others like to keep it all business. This story will convince you of the importance of talking not only to the person cutting your hair, but to anyone in your life. This sort of beauty shop small talk saved the life of a man named Jason Moore. It all started with his wife and a hair appointment.

Christy Moore, an employee at a beauty parlor, is married to Jason Moore. Jason has an unfortunate issue with his kidneys, where the growth of a cyst was obstructing the proper functioning of the essential organ. It reached a breaking point, and he needed a kidney transplant. The 28-year-old was lucky enough to have a sister who was a match, who gave him her “extra” kidney.

What most people do not know, however, is that donated kidneys, even with a good match, only last about eight years, on average. Jason’s sister’s kidney had been working overtime- 11 years. It was time for another donation. Jason and Christy did not know what they were going to do.

Christy, distressed about the situation, complained about it to her haircut customer Alli Scott. Alli had a strange sense she was going to be the one to donate the next kidney.

“I got cold chills from my head to my feet when she was talking about it. I knew it was me immediately,” Scott said. There is a rigorous set of tests that you must undergo, and Scott “didn’t even know [her] blood type … But I knew [she] was giving this kidney.”

Amazingly, after testing at Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville, Scott passed the tests.

The transplant went smoothly, and Jason feels “100 times better. “I am not on dialysis anymore, and my energy is coming back,” he said. And it was all thanks to some small talk.