Smarter People Are Happy Being Alone


A research study conducted by The British Psychological Society has shown that more intelligent people are happier to spend time on their own. The reasoning for this could be that smarter people need creative space to develop their ideas and thoughts. By socializing, this means intelligent people would be spending less time studying and creating, which ultimately would make them less happy. Does this mean that it is hobbies and activities that make a person happy? If so, this means that intelligent people are happier having hobbies that they do in solitude.

The study also indicated that people who live in the city are less happy than those living in the countryside. Researchers think this is because most people are happier living in a close-knit community as this provides a stable support network, and this is mainly found in smaller towns. The study also found that those in the countryside socialize with friends more, which is interesting because in the city there tend to be more social activities happening regularly.

As a result of this research, we wonder whether more intelligent people live in the city rather than the countryside. Perhaps this is the next study that the British Psychological Society can research next?