Hot Girls Doing Dumb Things. Just Because.

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We all love to see people doing stupid things from time to time. Falling off skateboards, pranking each other, photo bombing, and getting hurt. But there’s something about hot girls doing these stupid things that feels kind of mesmerizing.

It’s like watching a car accident, you know you shouldn’t look but you can’t help yourself because you know you may never get a chance to see such a spectacle again in your life! But gruesome deaths aside, here’s a small compilation of some pretty hot girls doing some pretty stupid things for your amusement.

Oh, I thought I’d lost you!

Check out this hot chick in a bikini who seems to be overjoyed at the sight of her own vagina. As you can tell from her expression in the picture above, she probably thought she was never going to see her little companion again. Or at least, she’s seen something new that wasn’t there before. But whatever it is, it’s definitely put a smile on her face. So much so, that this hot chick was perfectly willing to be seen in broad daylight, supposedly laughing her head off whilst examining her private parts. I only wonder how long this strange occurrence went on for before she noticed the creep taking a picture of her for the whole internet to see.



Oh, I thought I’d lost you!