10 Foods Not To Eat If They’re Made In China (Unless You Like Plastic, Pesticides And Chemicals In Your Food)

2. Cod from China is no better than Tilapia

While you’re more likely to find homegrown Cod in the US than Tilapia (China is responsible for about 50% of the Cod sold in America), the safety of the fish is perhaps even more compromised than its bottom-feeding counterpart. Chinese Cod are farmed and the creatures exist in appalling conditions.

While you may imagine the fish on your plate to have been caught from the ocean, Chinese Cod are actually crammed together in the same polluted waterways that you’ll find brimming over with garbage and toxic sewage. Disease spreads through the fish at a much more rapid rate due to the cramped conditions. All in all, it’s a hazardous environment that you don’t want to dip your link of the food chain into.


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