Incredibly Annoying Photos You Can’t Unsee


If a picture says a thousand words, these photos will undoubtedly elicit a thousand words of frustration and outrage. The monsters responsible for these atrocities should be required to apologize to all mankind.

Cut It Out

Pizza chefs across the world have called an emergency meeting to discuss this total disregard for the unwritten rules of pizza. The rules clearly state “thou shall cut pizza pies into equal slices that extend to the crust.” Unfortunately, there is no legal course of action to punish the perpetrator.


Inch By Inch

Engineers beware – rogue measuring tape is taking over the planet. In a world where precision is necessary to avoid confusion, this genius forgot how to count as he printed this measuring tape. Somewhere, a customer trusted that his new package of measuring tape could help him account for measurement accuracy in his life. Instead, he has to put his brain to work and remember that 16, in fact, does not come in between 25 and 27.  It’s a subtle change that can be glossed over too easily.


Let It Burn

At first glance, this appears to be a basic stock photo of a woman soldering something on a circuit board. If the soldering iron were actually on, this woman would be on her way to the hospital to treat first degree burns. A soldering iron has a plastic handle for a reason: so you do not grab onto the scolding hot metal which is used to melt a different metal onto a third metal.


On The Hot Stove

When Aunt Dolly returned home to see her new electric stove, she was greeted with the treat of a mismatched stovetop. With anger, she wondered what idiot drew these burner outlines but decided to keep the actual burner off-center from its shape. Aunt Dolly depends on her stove to cook for her entire family but has become so baffled by this revelation that all she can do is stare in amazement and take a photo to anger the internet.


Simply Careless

When contractors are hired to work on a building’s flooring, they are generally instructed to keep all of the floor tiles facing the same way. Not Ralph. Ralph is a rogue flooring contractor out to mess with people’s heads. He knows how one tile could create incredible frustration. Well, Ralph, you win. We are frustrated. Please return to the scene of the crime and fix your egregious mess up. It hurts our eyes to see a tile not in sync with the rest of its friends.


Door To Door

Can you feel your eyes burning at this sight? The tenant in apartment 268A must have so much contempt for their neighbor. The thought of walking past that asymmetric entrance every day is reason enough to find a new apartment. Searching for apartments is a torturous process that does not come close to the torture of living next to this hipster designer’s horrible concept art. It is time to scratch the abstract ideas and bring doors back to their past glory: upright and easy to open.


The Desktop Nightmare

The desktop folder was created for a reason: to help one organize their computer files in an orderly fashion without searching through their documents. Tobey is the monster that threw organization out the window years ago. He is content with letting ancient files and folders muddy up his beautiful desktop. He does not even have a desktop background because he believes folder art is the medium of the future. Someone needs to tell Tobey how to use his documents folder.


What The Monk?

For eight seasons, Monk ran on USA Network. The show highlighted the life of a former homicide detective with an extreme obsessive-compulsive disorder. Adrian Monk would have so many problems with the season seven VHS of his own show. Clearly, VHS makers for the show forgot how previous seasons had been styled. Whether it was an accident or done on purpose, we can only imagine Monk going through the painstaking process of fixing this VHS cover sent from hell to torment us.

Stick Around For A While

Tesco needs to decide which matters more to this product – value or non-stick. Clearly, both options cannot exist in this reality. Tesco might have provided great value for its pan. However, they made sacrifices in the non-stick department. Now, a non-stick pan references how food reacts to its surface, but it is no vote of confidence for the label to come off as such. Tesco might want to look into a label which does not jeopardize the item’s purpose.

The Worst Thing Since Sliced Bread

Packaged bread is a wonderful item. You can eat it with peanut butter and jelly, or you can eat it with deli meats and mustard. You can feed it to the birds, and you can make croutons from it. Interested in making a sandwich this loaf? Good luck. Not even Subway gives you that poor of a ratio of bread to meat. Someone put this loaf the wrong way into the bread slicer, and now we all have to suffer.


Shake It Like A Salt Shaker

A salt shaker is one of those perfectly named items which instructs you on what is inside and how to use it. The demon responsible for this action has not only robbed the salt shaker of its most important function – shaking – it requires additional steps which should never be involved in the salting process. We demand an apology as twisting a cap off and ripping open a package of salt requires far more work than our fingers can withstand.

Going Up

Picture this – you walk into your office building Monday morning. You are exhausted from the weekend and just want to get to your desk with a cup of coffee. You get to the elevator and push the button, only to realize that you are unsure in which direction the elevator is going. Is your blood beginning to boil at the thought of this madness? Elevators don’t change from place to place for a reason. We do not need to throw a wrench into this simple process.


Just A Bit Outside

Roland decided to take a bathroom break when he noticed a new faucet had been installed. It had been ten months since his company had a working faucet, so he was elated to wash his hands in the bathroom. He turned the water on only to discover a major issue. They carelessly had purchased a faucet that was too big for the sink. Now Roland has to spryly avoid the splashing of water on the floor.


Hold My Cola

On her daily trip to McDonald’s, Trisha decided that today was the day that she purchased a drink with her Big Mac. When she received her food from the drive-thru, she realized that her car did not have any available cup holders. With no other options and no intention to secure the beverage between her legs as she drives, Trisha noticed that the cup fit perfectly in her broken air conditioning vent. She calls herself an innovator; we call her frustrating.


The Fig Newton Folly

Fig Newtons are one of those snacks that you either love or hate. Fortunately, the packing of this sleeve of Fig Newtons can bring all the haters and lovers together in mutual disgust for the single rebellious cookie. What made this cookie so special that it could ignore the beautiful uniformity of cookies facing the same direction? Could it be that a Fig Newton worker in the plant had had enough with the mundanity of forward facing cookies? This is his masterpiece.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.50.08

Take A Number

Counting has always been a major issue in American schools. We learn fascinating truths like that five comes before six, but quickly skim past the section that matters – labeling. Who knows what race number this is? Is it the 22nd year, an insignificant number with a hyperspecific suffix, or in it its 23rd year, another insignificant number with a hyperspecific suffix. Either way, the event organizers have some explaining to do for ruining this free t-shirt, the only reason anyone came in the first place.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.53.39

Keep Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Toilet paper is one of the most intuitive products on earth. You simply slide the roll on and let the paper drape down. We must pray that this was a terrible prank and not an act of desperation. What type of day must this person have had to become so enraged at his toilet paper that he mangled this simple action so poorly? No toilet paper roll deserves a death as painful as this.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.54.40

The Missing Mosaic

Subway restaurants: why must you torture your customers more than you already do. Isn’t the relentless smell of “Subway” enough? Why must we stare at your almost perfect mosaic of (most likely) plastic model produce? Please let us purchase our five dollar footlong without subjecting our eyes to this brutal punishment. Leaving the space blank would be better than a mismatching square. We demand just as much perfection in our restaurant art as we do our sandwich art.


Tough To Swallow

There are two kinds of people in this world: people that eat their bubble tape in a civilized manor ripping off a strip at a time, and there are the people that chomp down on the roll as if they are biting into an apple. To those people that identify with the latter, please kindly leave. No need to be rude or forceful about this direction, but please kindly leave as there is no place in our world for such savagery.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.56.26

Give. Me. A. Break.

Candy has been a favorite of American children and adults for generations. What makes candy spectacular – outside of its sugary and processed components – is its ability to be eaten anytime and anywhere. It’s an on the go food meant for a quick bite. The photo below not only defies the “break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar” mentality, but also requires a knife. A quick rule for cutting food with a knife: don’t use one with candy or pizza.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.58.02

Odd Man Out

Attention Coca-Cola brass: there may be Pepsi imposter in your packaging plant. It is time to roll out an investigation into this vile attempt to harm the Coca-Cola name. How dare Pepsi attempt to force itself into the Coke conversation literally. We get it, Pepsi wants dearly to be the product that Coke is. At least we can raise a glass to this rogue bottle which believes itself to be a part of the superior brand, even if it is a clear outlier.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 12.01.06

Directions Optional

Trevor was always the office rebel. When someone tells him to zig, he insists on zagging. No direction ever goes unchallenged, whether verbal or written. On this particular day, Trevor noticed that the toilet paper dispenser told him how to place a new roll. Even though he personally was a fan of the “over orientation” of a paper towel roll, Trevor hated the thought of being told how to refill the TP. For Trevor, no hatred of the “under orientation” could top being told what to do.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 12.02.35

Popsicle Party

On a hot summer day, a popsicle can be exactly the thing you need to cool down and carry on in the sunshine. Nothing is more likely to put a damper on your day, however, than finding your popsicle stick skewed way over to one side. Popsicle eating is already a careful balance as to not have one side collapse off the stick and onto your lap. With a weighted difference, this is only guaranteeing that the icy goodness will come crashing down sooner than later.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 12.04.43

Spooning Leads To Forking

This is a clear ‘what came first, the chicken or the egg? scenario. Did the packaging come first and someone ran out of forks and decided that spoons were the closest alternative? Were the spoons assembled first and were then mislabeled by a non-English speaker? Perhaps we are missing the actual concept behind these forks. This is a do-it-yourself fork. The customer must punch out the space between each tine before taking a stab at any food.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 12.06.39

You Put The Lime In The….WRONG BOX

When Rosie came back from her vacation, she expected that operations ran smoothly in her absence. To her chagrin, she came back to not only find the store chaotically mismanaged in her absence but that her employees had forgotten the difference between various fruits and vegetables. In one instance, Brian became so frazzled without Rosie by his side that he was incapable of distinguishing between lemons and limes. Now, Rosie has boxes such as these which drive everyone insane.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 12.07.32

The Road Less Taken

Capri Sun juice boxes are a delightful surprise inside the lunch boxes of kids around the world. The millions of mouths that have enjoyed this perfect pouch know exactly how to operate this wonder liquid. Even if they cannot read the directions, standard logic suggests that the white hole is where the straw goes. But no, this brutish individual felt it was necessary to desecrate this holy item with a stab in the heart. Capri Sun pouches have feelings too.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 12.14.06

Calling Mr. Rubik

Does anyone have the phone number for Mr. Rubik? We inquire with the intent of filing a formal complaint. Rubik’s cubes should come in pristine condition with all of the colors together. How else are we expected to trick our friends into believing we completed the spherical puzzle? The real question is how this affects the cube itself. Do we now expect the cube to end on this pattern or are we still capable of going crazy trying to align the fully uniform sides?

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 12.15.23

Color Blind

Grandma Irma thought she needed to get her eyes checked after a recent trip to the grocery store. She knew her grandchildren love black and white cookies and thought it would be nice to surprise them with the delectable treat. Irma stood in the bakery aisle examining each box but could not understand this cruel joke. In the end, she was not due for thicker glasses, just the victim of a careless warehouse worker rushing through his day.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 12.22.41

Savage Knife Skills

Hot bagels in the morning are an American institution. Whether you like it with a thick shmear of cream cheese or with an egg and melted cheese, bagel enthusiasts must combat the egregious desecration of our most treasured morning staples. We stand united against the inhumane treatment of bagels such as this. A bagel should be treated with care, cut down the middle to create two even sandwiches which can be shared without a feeling of portion jealousy.


Eraser Damnation

Sitting down with a pen and paper should have been a straightforward task for Josh. He had a small take-home assignment to complete and expected it would take fifteen minutes. It only took a few minutes until Josh realized he made a typo and needed to erase his mistake.  Unfortunately, his biggest mistake was trying to fix his mistake. His faulty pencil eraser only made matters worse and caused him a great amount of stress. Josh would never recover from this eraser trauma.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 12.27.02

Take A Seat

A day at the park is never complete without a picnic. Roman and friends drove an hour to sit in this park only to find their favorite picnic table had become tainted. They could no longer fit comfortably on its benches as one bench mysteriously became turned around. Legs and butts no longer fit in a perfect circle. The incident left Roman so furious that he insisted everyone in the park vacate the tables in protest. They would never return.


The Ups And Downs Of Paper Towel

Bathrooms consistently have issues with symmetry. This bathroom not only has an issue with symmetry but also a problem with excess. Curiously, this bathroom’s designer felt that five paper towel dispensers were necessary to service three sinks. It’s nice to know that they were looking out for those of us looking to grab paper towel in each hand. What could the reason be? Is this the shell game of paper towel and only one contains the necessary napkins?