Family Cat Gone Missing In Fire Found Two Months Later By An Unlikely Hero


Christine Marr, of South Haven, Michigan, was at work when she received a very distressing phone call. Firefighters phoned her to let her know that her home had caught on fire, and Marr immediately thought about her beloved pets who were at home, Smoke, Chloe, and Ringer. When she inquired about them, the firefighters let her know that they found her dog, Chloe, and that she was safe.

Marr shared that “they found her lying in the bathroom because that’s always been her safe zone, so that’s where she ran to during the fire.” The firefighters found Chloe in a difficult state, immediately rushing her to be cared for at the vet. They had to improvise and use a human oxygen mask with her since they were not equipped with a canine mask before rushing her to get treated. Marr continued: “She almost didn’t make it. They said she was pretty much gone until they got to her with the oxygen mask.”


Then Marr received some heartbreaking news — her beloved cat, Smoke did not make it safely out of the fire. Devastated, Marr asked the firefighters about her second cat, Ringer. They let her know that they did not find her at all, so everyone had just assumed the worst.

The most difficult part about losing Ringer was the fact that she and Chloe were best friends and depended on one another socially. Marr tried to move past the grief by focusing all of her energy on helping Chloe get better. Additionally, once the local fire chief heard about the story, he made sure all of the fire departments stocked up on canine and also feline oxygen masks to be prepared in case a similar situation arises in the future.

For about a month after the fire, Marr would go back to to her burned house and would call out to Ringer, hoping that she would maybe miraculously be alive somehow. She said, “For a good month, I went there every day and called for Ringer. I called and called and called. I just didn’t believe he had perished in the fire.” However, after a while, she starting to think about accepting the fact that Ringer might be gone for good.


One day, Marr came back to the house with her husband, who was working on repairing the home, when they decided to bring Chloe along with them. Immediately when they reached the house, the dog began to sniff the floor rather intently. At first, Marr and her husband did not think much of this, but once she began scratching at the floor and licking it, they were a bit confused. Once Chloe continued to sniff around, she then found a gap in the wall and she stuck her head in. No matter what Marr and her husband tried, Chloe refused to move away from the spot.

They realized that something was in there, and they decided to try to set it free and solve the mystery. Marr decided to take Chloe to the car so that her husband could solve the mystery without Chloe getting in the way. When she came back, she found her husband and their beloved cat Ringer snuggling up against him. The cat miraculously survived for two months without food or water, trapped under a floorboard. Once Chloe and Ringer were reunited, Chloe was beside herself with excitement. “She was jumping up and down in the backseat, so excited, trying to jump up front to get to Ringer.”

After being taken to the vet, Ringer was cleared to go home, and the two became even more inseparable once they were reunited at home again. Marr shared, “Chloe is so happy, and doesn’t want to ever leave the room where he is.”