These People Forgot To Check Their Surroundings In These Epic Selfie Fails


Food Envy

Who doesn’t love ice cream? The creamy and sweet treat is a clear favorite when it comes to indulging your cravings. This woman showed her sheer delight in her selfie, posing with her snack, but someone else wasn’t so impressed. We hope she held on to that vanilla cone tight, that dog looks ready to pounce!

selfie- ice cream

Hump Day

Going to the zoo is always a great family activity, keeping the kids entertained for hours. Yet the concept of keeping animals behind barriers has often resulted in some hilarious behavior, catching the viewers by surprise. This camel decided to make his move on this woman at the perfect moment. It was as if he knew the precise moment she was going to snap her selfie and decided to get a taste of the brunette. She does not look thrilled.


Return Of The Dark Lord

At first glance, these two friends have snapped a cute selfie on a patch of grass. However, taking a closer look, it seems that Lord Voldemort has risen once again! Didn’t Harry Potter risk his life to kill him and his seven Horcruxes? There are so many questions as to why the Dark Lord has made his return, and in broad daylight it seems too bizarre. We hope this took place around Halloween otherwise there is just no explanation.



This red head worked really hard on getting the perfect pose in her selfie. She clearly wanted to make sure her entire outfit made the picture by sitting on the edge of her sink. We’re wondering when was the moment that she noticed that a man was hiding away in her shower, lurking in the shadows. The bulging one eye situation is quite terrifying and she probably got the fright of her life when she realized what was behind her.

selfie- shower

Do It For The Snap

The lengths some people will go in order to get the most creative selfie is becoming extremely far fetched. This high schooler wanted to get in on the action of braving danger to get a cool selfie so instead of having traditional posed prom pictures, she went for something more unconventional. Tornados are not natural disasters you want to mess around with, and this girl risked her life for the selfie. A for effort, girl.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 3.22.24 PM

Ke$ha Of Nightmares

There are no explanations for this selfie if it wasn’t Halloween, so let’s just hope it was. Fathers will often go the extra mile to embarrass their kids as much as possible and this one was no exception. Instead of waking up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy, this father felt like Ke$ha and went all out with his outfit. His little girl in her car seat looks absolutely horrified with her father’s choice of outfit and her unexpected photobomb made this selfie comedy gold.


Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

There are so many things in this selfie which are so wrong. Let’s start with the baby, who is evidently baffled at how his mother is holding him and not only that, but why is she using a professional camera to snap a picture in her bathroom? It looks as if he’s trying to say to her “mom, stoooop.” This poor baby is set up for a life of terrible selfies and bad angles. We’re just as confused as you, kid.

selfie- baby

That Is Not Ladylike!

Mothers can often disapprove of how their daughter dress and pose in selfies. This teenager positioned the camera and practiced her pose but had no idea that her mother was standing behind her, appearing concerned with her daughter’s behavior and style. Her unconventional daughter has gone against her traditional looking mother with her unique look and it is overtly clear that her mother does not condone her actions. Next time, try closing the door when you selfie.

selfie- mom

Three’s A Crowd

Many couples try and portray their love for one another through PDA selfies that they share on social media. To show their playful sides, many couples joke around with one another in their pictures and that’s exactly what these young lovers were going for. However, what they believed was just a picture of the two of them, turned out to be something else. The third person giving a creepy gaze into the camera in between them was a scary surprise.

selfie-creepy kiss

That’s Not A Dog Bowl

Some of the best kind of selfie fails are the ones when the person the selfie is completely oblivious to the goings on in the background. This woman had got all dolled up and decided to take a picture of herself before going out. Despite facing the other way to the toilet, she seemed to have forgotten about her huge mirror which was reflecting her dog taking a drink from her toilet bowl. Perhaps she had forgot to fill his water bowl!

selfie-dog toilet

Bottoms Up

This dog probably had some FOMO when he saw his owner and her friend taking a selfie together. Rather than including the dog in the picture, they chose to leave him out, but the dog definitely got his revenge. In his cheeky little pose, the dog managed to ruin the besties’ selfie in the funniest way possible by presenting his backside to the camera. We’d like to hope that he knew exactly what he was doing.


Flex For Grandma

If you’re someone that hits the gym regularly, you will know that it’s useful to take progress shots, showing off your hard work. It’s always good to have someone on hand to take the photos for you and this guy enlisted his grandma to do the honors. He probably got laughed at a lot for having his grandma in the shot but what’s even funnier is the fact that he looks like he’s about to burst from flexing too hard.

selfie- gma selfie

Do You Mind?

This selfie can only be describe as shameless. This guy knew he wanted a selfie, at that moment, in that place and just went for it. He looks pleased with himself with his decision to snap a photo in the bathroom, but the same can’t be said for the anonymous man washing his hands next to him. There really is a time and a place for everything and the pensioner looks to be giving some side eye to the selfie taker.

selfie- grandpa

And Pose

This girl was all dressed and ready to go out: make up done, hair done, she was good to go. Of course before leaving the house it is important to snap a selfie while you’re looking your best. It seems like someone else wanted to get in on the action and be in the photo. On the other hand, perhaps the girl had forgotten to bring her dog inside and the poor puppy was desperate to get in! At least she now knows from this selfie.

selfie- dog photobomb

Hit And Run

There is no way this girl could know what was going to happen in the background of her selfie, so this picture has to be completely natural. In a very awkward moment, the kid in the background looks like he’s just run into the changing table face-first. The collision looks very painful and his mother went to run over to the toddler to help him. Despite the situation, it makes for a hilarious selfie at the perfect moment.

selfie-kid hit

Angles Are Everything

Those people who are vertically challenged will understand the struggle in taking a selfie which doesn’t make you look tiny. This girl clearly wanted a full body picture and to show off her outfit, but instead of thinking of appropriate options to make it work, she went for the most creative way. The best part is that the girl has taken her selfie very seriously. The outcome is quite hilarious, despite it being completely awkward. Next time, she should just get a ladder.

selfie- biday

Selfie Fit For A Queen

This selfie is truly one of a kind. There are barely any people that can say they have a selfie with the Queen of England, but this kid can. He definitely broke royal protocol in snapping this picture, and you can tell from the bystanders faces’ that it was not at all appropriate. Nevertheless, this kid will keep this selfie forever and no one can deny his bravery in snapping a picture with one of the most famous monarchs in the world.

selfie- queen

Work With What You’ve Got

The dedication to take a selfie is no more evident than in this picture. Perhaps this kid’s phone was taken by his parents or maybe he broke it? Either way, nothing was going to stop him from taking a selfie so he decided to utilize his iMac to snap a picture. To make it even better, he had been working hard on his pose, showing off a strong pout. This kid’s even got some filters going!

selfie- mac

Single Selfie

Family selfies can prove to be a really cute picture and this man went so far to include their dog, who looked happy to be in the snap. However, his partner wasn’t as eager and she decided to forgo the family photo to take a singular selfie. Maybe she was really feeling her look or just didn’t want to include her partner and dog? Either way, the selfish moment was snapped by her partner, which she will never live down.

selfie- mountain

Traffic Lies

Selfies are so common nowadays that you don’t really need an excuse to take one. However, this girl’s selfie was so shameless and posed that she felt she needed to justify it through pretending she was stuck in traffic and snapped a picture because she was bored. Her followers were not fooled that easily and someone pointed out that her reflective glasses showed a clear road ahead of her, no traffic at all. This girl was totally busted.

selfie- glasses

A Little To The Left

Perspective selfies with the Washington Monument are almost a given when visiting the tourist attraction. Although some of them are creative and work brilliantly, others become more of a practical joke than anything else. This man was relying on his photographer to direct him on where to stand, to get the angles just right, but his photographer friend completely failed him. Instead, the man became a laughing stock and learned to take his own selfies in the future.

selfie- D.C


Have you ever looked at someone and thought “wow, that’s like looking into my future,”? Well, that’s exactly what happened to this man, and he just knew he had to snap a selfie of the moment. Whether it was his long lost father, or him in 30 years, it was as if he was seeing double. From the yellow shirt to their appearance, there was an uncanny resemblance between the two. At least he knows what he’s got to look forward to now!

selfie- twins

Wait For Me!

The Oscars selfie was the most retweeted tweet in 2014, garnering a whopping 3,431,000 retweets. The post went completely viral and included some of Hollywoods biggest stars from Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep to Bradley Cooper and Brangelina. However, it wasn’t till after the post that it was followed by a second hilarious snap of little Liza Minelli trying to get in on the selfie action from the back of the group. Better luck next time, Liza!

selfie- liza

Embarrassing Dad

As we have seen in some of the previous selfie fails, dads love embarrassing their kids, and this selfie is one of the most awkward that we’ve seen. This girl was posing by her computer, without a care in the world when her dad decided to intrude and photobomb her selfie. Not only was he mimicking her pose, he was also shirtless with a bear-like chest. This girl will probably never live this selfie down, and is probably scarred for life.

selfie- pose

Faking A Prank

Couples will often prank each other and many of these pranks can take place when the other person is sleeping. This single woman seemed to be feeling a little left out of the couple pranks so decided to try and fool people that she too was in a relationship and was also pranked by her significant other. However, the woman forgot that she was seated in front of a mirror and her iPad would capture this horrifically awkward moment.

selfie- sleeping

Pushing Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is among the most famous landmarks in the world. Not only is the architecture stunning, but it is completely unique in that it is leaning over as if it’s about to fall. When anyone visits the Tower, it is customary to make a pushing pose, looking like you are holding up the tower with your bare hands. While many people nail it, others fail miserably and someone captured the perfect moment of all these terrible fails.


Cat Lady

We have seen many photobombs of people in the background, but the ones of oblivious animals are arguably the best. This woman is the owner of two cats who clearly didn’t understand the meaning of personal space. One of them has such attachment issues that it decided to place itself on her head and shoulders. The woman captured the perfect moment and it turned into a viral selfie, becoming very famous with cat lovers worldwide.

selfie- cats

Who Cares About School?

This student was busted in a lecture when she was caught taking a selfie. There is a time and place for everything and taking a picture of yourself in a lecture is probably not the most appropriate. In addition, she was not very subtle about it and it was pretty obvious what she was doing. She’s lucky her lecturer did not kick her out of the class, but she should probably try and show that she is paying attention to the lesson!

selfie- lecture

Photoshop Fail

This isn’t just a selfie fail, it is also a huge photoshop fail. This guy is not fooling anyone in pretending he is the owner, let alone physically next to the car. He made it very complex for himself, he could have asked one of his friends to take a picture of him, rather than going to the effort of having a life size photo printed. For his sake, we hope he got what he wanted to achieve through this photo.

selfie- car

Don’t Look At Me

People will go to great lengths to get the best lighting and angles in their selfies. This guy just happened to dedicate his time on the subway to taking selfies. The sight for the other passengers of this man pretending he wasn’t looking or holding his phone, was too good not to snap a sneaky picture. This photo is anything but candid and he should probably do this in the privacy of his own home.


Police Pose

This guy is incredibly brave to take a selfie with a cop while he was pulled over. Were not sure whether this selfie was taken before or other he got a ticket, but either way, it proved to be a great picture. What makes the selfie even better is the fact that the cop did not look mad when asked to pose for a picture. The driver did a great job and for his commitment, we hope he got away with the driving offense!

selfie- cop