Most Impressive Celebrity Mansions

Most normal people can live amazing with the small things in life. A three bedroom house sounds like more than enough. Celebrities need a little more. They have garages that would probably be the size of the average home. Pools, tennis courts, tracks and even guest houses on the property. These celebrities don’t know the meaning of the word small. Here are some of the biggest celebrity homes.

Will & Jada Smith

These two huge stars have put their fortunes together and have bought a compound mansion in Calabasas, California. This isn’t just another mansion. This one has a tennis court, a pool and a lake to relax by. It even has a recording studio inside where Willow made her last big single. They purchased this mansion for a shocking $42 million.

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld has a what he calls a “laid back” home but it looks quite luxurious by the average human standard. He bought the home off of music legend Billy Joel. The home practically has a field in the back and rather large swimming pool.

Tiger Woods

Few homes will match the beauty of the Woods mansion. This place isn’t just a short walking distance from a beautiful beach, but it also has a golfing course on the premises. We can’t leave out the giant swimming pool that is perfect for laps. This house cost him an insane $60 million and is located on Jupiter Island in Florida.


Judging from her music, one would not expect Rihanna to have a home with that much class, but she in fact does have a beautiful home. She already has a nice looking place in Aspen and Los Angeles, but it is her $21.8 million mansion in Barbados that has our jaw dropped. Take a look at it for yourself.