These People Are Having A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Some days just do not go your way. These 40 people wish they could either start the day over or just move past it altogether.

Time For A New Cat

Look out below! This poor sap just wants to get a workout in. Too bad that his cat just does not care. What did he do to deserve this? Is this a “subtle” message that it is dinner time? Next time he wants to get a sweat on, he might consider heading to a gym.


Bad Parking Choice

Chicagoans might want to find a new place to park their cars. It is possible the street mistook these cars for a deep dish pizza. Streets need to eat too. The saddest part of this clip is how close the car was to avoiding the sinkhole. A few inches onto the curb could have saved this suburban family from one interesting insurance claim. As the water begins streaming into the sinkhole, maybe the neighborhood kids will have a new pool to play in.



Sometimes life imitates family game night. In this case, these target workers made dominos out of their shopping carts. It is not every day that shopping carts attack. At least they can share a laugh over the shopping cart waterfall. They will not be laughing over the next few hours, however, as they pick them all up and try it all over again. Next time they will hopefully learn to close the truck door to avoid this unfortunate situation.



The car wash should be a low-stress errand. Pull up, shift into neutral, sit back, and bring on the suds. Too bad this anxious driver felt he could beat the machine to his windshield wipers. It is still unclear what he is trying to accomplish. Regardless, his door apparently will not be closing anytime soon. If he ever had dreams of driving a Jeep Wrangler without the doors, this might be the closest that he will get.


Lucky Dog

Man’s best friend can be a little too friendly sometimes. After an acrobatic effort on his trampoline goes haywire, his dog only wanted him to feel the love. Granted, he got more than he bargained for and clearly had had enough. He near-savagely pushes the dog away with nothing to show for his efforts except a wounded ego. The American and French judges gave him an 8, but the Russian judge docked points for his poor landing and aggressive “dismount.”


The Masked Man Meets Mike Tyson

A well-done prank can become legendary amongst friends. The same goes for a prank gone terribly wrong. This high schooler thought it would be a good idea to pop out opportunely during his friend’s on camera interview. He will be recovering from this disaster for some time, as his friend can walk away like Muhammad Ali over Sonny Liston. With a quick right jab, he might be working himself towards a Pay-Per-View bout.


Where Did The Car Go?

Dude, where’s my car? Where’s your car, dude? Is it (a) parked on the street, (b) parked in the street, or (c) parked under the street? If you answered (d) all of the above, you would be correct. Even David Copperfield could not pull off a disappearing act such as this. The real question is who filmed this sinking car. Is it the car owner? If so, how could he idly watch without a reaction shot? These are the answers we need.


Nothing In This World Is Free

Alert The Weather Channel, we have a meteorological anomaly. Hell has frozen over, shooting pillars of ice into our everyday life. This car owner will need to adjust appropriately. He assumed the parking garage would protect him from a snow storm. Instead, he won’t be looking out his rearview anytime soon. Hopefully, his commute to work is not too far, or else he will be sitting on the bus for a while.


This Guy Just Manured Himself

The ramp and the wheel – two of history’s greatest technological achievements. Manure – one of the greatest agricultural improvements. Together, they form a vicious duo for this poor soul. He might want to consider watching where he steps next time. Gravity is undefeated and can chalk up another victory here. What’s worse is how defeatedly he lays in the manure, realizing that in just three seconds his day went from laborious to miserable. Now it is time for a shower.


Gravity Wins Again

Rule number one: never test gravity because you will lose. Boy, did this guy lose. Anyone from a snowy climate understands the struggle of removing snow and icicles from the roof and gutter. Firefighters are local heroes, but why were they called to this scene? Could they not remove the ice chunk from the roof’s access door? He is “lucky” that he only fell backward onto the ladder. He could have been in for a long fall and a longer recovery.


Look Out Below!

What a champ. This Golf Channel pro walks off a shot to the nads like it is nothing. Just a little leg shake and he is ready to get back out there. Whether his “sensitive area” has regained feeling is still a mystery. If he is not going to show his true feelings, the gallery behind him certainly will. They react with a not-so-subtle mix of shock, empathy, and laughter. It might take 18 before the golfer can laugh it off.


Stronger Than Water

Why did the woman cross the road? In this case, we may never know WHAT is going through her head. She approaches the flooded street so calmly, almost as if she does not know it is there in the first place. One thing is for sure; she is going to need a new umbrella after it continues down the river. Fortunately for her, the rain has chased away any onlookers from laughing at her demise.


Look Out Below

Timber! This lady really underestimated the water’s depth on this street. It begs the question, why did she not cross at another point?  It looks as if there is a shallow ledge to the left. She even prepared to get wet by taking her shoes off first. Spoiler – they got wet too. One thing she will not have to worry about is replacing her bag. As she slowly sinks into the water, she valiantly attempts to keep the bag dry.


Two Birds With One Of The Devil’s Stones

Oh, to be young and unlucky. Pray to the heavens, because you need some redemption. Not only was this guy pulled over for a traffic violation, but a reckless driver also added to his day of misery by sideswiping his car. Only if there was law enforcement nearby to report the hit and run. Hopefully, the cop behind this dashboard camera has enough of a heart to let this guy off with a warning and a tow.


Watch Out!

We want a batter, not a broken…camera? For those watching at home on ESPN2, they might need to find a different camera angle to broadcast the rest of the game. This camera is due for a call to the bullpen. Luckily, the cameraman was protected by his expensive electric friend. Hopefully, the network will cover his new equipment, writing this off as a business expense. One thing is for sure – the audience has never been closer to the action.


Investigating the Manhole

Director Michael Bay could not have orchestrated this scene any better. We might never know why he was messing around with this sewer grate, or why it exploded in the way that it did. One thing is certain – his jacket material could not take the heat. Look at how parts of his jacket seem to disappear. The biggest miracle is that the kids seem unscathed by the event, proving once again that children are our future – a future impervious to detonations.


The REAL Three Stooges

Larry, Moe, and Curly could have scripted an entire act solely around this guy. He might consider asking for some help next time he wants to lift heavy slabs. At least he should clear his work area to avoid stepping on rakes that may smack him in the face. Hopefully, his boss can excuse the broken materials due to his work-related injuries. He should look into workman’s compensation because that broken toe and bruised elbow are not going away.


Wait For It

They say lightning does not strike twice in the same place. Try telling that to this motorcyclist. Not only does he topple off his bike after hitting the vehicle with the camera, but he then stumbles down into a manhole like a golf ball gliding into the cup. How far down did he fall? Unlike many of these clips, he at least has someone nearby to assist in his first aid and recovery. Now he knows why they put those cones there.


The Garbage Collection Day Massacre

Garbage collection day has never been more eventful that it is here. When the truck’s electric arm attempts to empty a garbage bin with the lid on, its contents explode out like confetti at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Either the homeowner or the sanitation company will have to get their hands dirty picking up the trash. If the truck drives away, they can expect to see a major drop in their Christmas gift.


The Indestructible Cement Car

Pour one out has a new meaning for this cement truck. The sedan’s owner might need an actual drink after seeing this disaster.  Maybe the cement is not dry yet.  He can attempt to find a car wash, but zero to sixty might be a tall task with pounds of cement hardened to the nose of your car. Whose fault was this? Did the cement truck operator accidentally release cement without looking? Does insurance cover accidental cement encounters?


Ready To Launch

While he will not be trying out for the X Games anytime soon, this biker gracefully accepts his fate on this rainy day. He catches his fall, but not before he splashes down. If we could see his face, we could assume he immediately recognizes his doom as the emotion slowly washes away from his eyes and his face. All he can do is get back on the bike and carry on down this flooded street.


Houston, We Have A Problem

The old idiom “it is not rocket science” sadly does not apply here because, well, rocketry is rocket science. Next time, he might want to set up a larger fuse or a more stable launch pad. Maybe the rocket did not like having a parachute shoved inside its body tube and wanted some retribution. If these guys try another launch, they better hope it is not as big of a pain in the butt.


Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You

This cop needs to pay better attention to road signs. It is near impossible that this newly paved road was not demarcated so events like this would not happen.  At best, he lost track of the road and wound in the muck. At worst, he disregarded any warnings in search of a shortcut through traffic. The joke is on him as he waits for a herculean tow to pull him out of the quickly drying cement.


Sticks and Stones

Pole vaulting is an Olympic sport for a reason – it is very difficult to do.  Like most Olympic sports, us plebeians continuously attempt to mimic our heroes with limited results. Someone should have told this guy that no direct relationship exists between a friend’s ability to pole vault a river and his own ability to do so. Whereas his friend smartly supports himself further down the stick, he places his fate in all his weight at the top. One word – TIMBER!


First and Last Kiss

Everyone remembers their first kiss. For some, it is as magical as you imagined, for others it can be a scarring experience. This suave lad seals this dance with a kiss but does not get the reaction he had hoped for. His satisfied little grin quickly turns to disappointment as she coils in disgust. Someone needs to tell him to stay away from garlic and tuna before his next one. They can both use a piece of gum after this ordeal.


Look Out Below

What is harder? The crash of his body onto the rock, or to look away as he crumbles into the sea. Over and over it plays, and every time we feel his pain. But how can we NOT keep watching? This slow motion train wreck probably caused a trip to the emergency room, but is undeniable eye candy. Remember folks, when cliff jumping, be sure to check below for obstacles such as extensions of the cliff from which you are jumping.


Glamorous Fail and Fall

For those of a certain age, seeing a tv set on top of a rolling cart was the signal of a great school day. It meant a quick detour from the lesson plan into an audio/visual vacation. While you might be lucky enough to catch a full-length film, it did not mean you became part of the show. Someone should have let this girl know that the actors were inside the tv, not dancing alongside it.


Hey, I’m Walking Here

As a child, you are instructed to always look both ways before crossing the street. This is what happens when you do not listen to your parents. He is quite fortunate to only run into the side of the streetcar and not be hit head-on. With such nimble and quick feet, he is conceivably a dancer or soccer player. Next time it is advised that he use the crosswalk to avoid vehicle-to-human collisions when crossing the street.


Hair To-Go

The struggles of getting ready and looking pretty are real for this young girl. She received the unexpected surprise of a parting gift from her hair curler. It might take some time, but she and her hair will recover from this clearly traumatizing experience. It worked out in the end for her, though. This YouTube clip has over 50 million views, and she earned an appearance on Ellen. She will be sure to be more careful with hot objects next time around.


Sinking Into The Sunset

In the colder parts of the world, ice fishing is commonplace. Frozen over lakes become a hotbed for those looking to keep up with their chilly hobby. In these instances, the ice is so thick it can hold dozens of cars and people. This is not one of those times. An unexpected sunset swim could easily lead to severe hypothermia. We can only hope this car owner forgot to put his parking break on and the vehicle rolled away into the deep blue sea.


Practicing Monster Truck Skills

What should have been a normal day suddenly became an impromptu monster truck rally. No crowd or person-sized tires necessary for this show, just a truck, and a parking lot. After this day-time event, this company should start selling merchandise on the side of the road. It might be nice for the driver to leave a note on the windshield of these cars, or at least on top of the tire for the flipped over vehicle.


Big Mistake

Note to self: making a blowtorch out of spray paint and a lighter is NOT an effective method of killing spiders. Only one outcome is truly possible with a solution such as this – your house burns down. Someone might need to bring this guy to Home Depot next time for some lumber and nails to rebuild the damage. He can even throw in a spider trap for the next time a creepy crawler comes through his living room.


Humpty Dumpty

Whether he just could not find a bridge or was training to break Mike Powell’s long jump world record, this guy might need a minute to recover his pride. How did this situation start? “Bro, take a video of me jumping this stream,” does not seem like it tells the whole story.  A dare would at least explain the level of difficulty. To give him some credit, he did make it to the other side for a brief second.


Bounce With Me Now

In theory, this teen’s idea could work. In reality – what a disaster. Even if the ball could hold his weight, what was the desired effect? To bounce into the stratosphere? This is what happens when you skip the science class lecture on Isaac Newton and gravity. The MVP of this clip is the deflated exercise ball. Look at how it shoots out from underneath him like a rocket. He might need to get mom a new medicine ball.


Never Buy A Trampoline

This is what happens when mom gets frugal and will not splurge on the Olympic diving board. He wants to look into the manufacturer’s warranty after this mishap. Still, who jumps from the side of the trampoline? Everyone knows you get the best bounce in the middle Why put yourself at a disadvantage? Go big or go home, or in this case, go big or go straight to the dentist for dental reconstruction surgery.


Gone Fishin’

It might take a second to understand what’s going on here, but that gets cleared up quickly by a gruesome closeup. This guy should know better. You would hope that a professional fisherman would have more control over his fishing rods and not hook himself in the process. The back of the neck is an interesting choice for an impromptu piercing, but, hey, whatever floats your boat.


Slip Slidin’ Away

Who is at fault for this debacle? Is it the waterpark designer who included extremely steep of bumps on this slide? Or is it the child that seems as if he has never been on a water slide before? The more you watch, the more obvious it becomes that this boy is a victim of a vicious slide. He hits that third bump with so much force you would think he was supposed to launch straight into the water from there.


The Best For Last

So close, yet so far. It’s hard not to feel for this guy on a handful of levels. He was so close to completing this rail slide. As they say, “Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.” He might even feel like a grenade went off in his “nether region” after this fall. It might be time to invest in a cup for any future tricks involving rails, and a great medical insurance company.


“I Don’t”

This groom stormed off during their wedding photo shoot after  the bride made herself look like an old woman to test if he would still love her when they get old. He demanded that she remove all the makeup before he stormed off. The woman reportedly asked her boyfriend if he would love her at 70-years-old, and if he did, then he would not mind taking pictures of her as an older woman.

sad bride crying worst day