These Pictures Prove That Teachers Can Be Hilarious Too


Being a teacher is one of the toughest jobs there is, from having to deal with rambunctious students, to constantly putting in extra hours at home. But some teachers have managed to find the humor in such a demanding profession.

Prank Photos

No teacher likes having to confiscate a student’s phone, more often than not, it must be done. This teacher figured the student would be more careful if they received their phone back with a new background on the lock screen, one of a few teachers having a laugh.


Wall Of Shame

Some teachers really love public shaming, but as long as it’s an effective learning tool, it’s probably okay. This teacher it seems has reserved space on the wall only for silly mistakes, as demonstrated by the prominently displayed photo of the student who merely forgot to put his name on the quiz. As we all know from our school days, forgetting to write your name is a near criminal offense in high school, often causing students to forfeit what otherwise might have been an outstanding grade.


The Tears Of Students

It’s a question that often lingers in student minds, what gives teachers the power to make their students so miserable? One teacher has been preparing his whole career for his students to ask. So when one happened to question the mysterious label on this teachers bottle, he was in for a shock when it read “students’ tears”. So in case anyone was wondering how teachers thrive, the answer is now in your hands. Make of it what you will.


Looking “Professorial”

If there’s one thing that will make students respect you more, it’s using big words like “professorial” especially on a slide informing the class that you didn’t show up, but they still have to be there anyway. The students look like they may be hard at work regardless, so either this professor has really diligent students or a good teaching assistant who was able to carry on the class in her absence. We wonder if this picture was staged or candid.


Best Homework Ever

As much as kids complain about getting homework, teachers complain about having to give it. For every assignment students receive, that’s more work teachers have to take home with them on the evenings and weekends. This teacher figured out an ingenious workaround, being able to say “yes, I have assigned my class homework” while also not having anything to grade. In fact, any student who completes number six is definitely contributing to science by participating in such a noble experiment.


History Come To Life

This teacher takes job dedication to a whole new level. In a black and white photo while dressed in a civil war soldier’s uniform, complete with a replica of the stern expression often seen in old photographs, it really shows how much this teacher loves his job. While you can see the other boring teachers on either side wearing classic modern clothing, the students at this high school were in for a hilarious surprise at the end of the year.


Rick Rolled In Class

This teacher brilliantly “rick rolled” the students in their class at the end of a power point presentation. While it’s not clear from the photo which subject was being taught, rick rolling is a timeless joke, perfect for unsuspecting students in any classroom. For this teacher’s sake, hopefully at least one student had a deep love of the 80s and/or classic pranks and was able to correctly answer, both for personal satisfaction and more importantly, for the advertised extra credit points.


Snake In The Class

Well, these teachers certainly tried their best at being funny. You can tell what kind of students they each were by their commitment to the prank as demonstrated in each of their expressions. The teacher to the far left may even be a drama teacher, his absurd expression is so truthful. His tie, however, may be screaming “mad scientist.” If we had to guess, we could imagine the teacher in the center is a math teacher.  Even snakes, it seems, don’t like math.


All The Single Papers

This teacher slyly stapled a sign to their bullet board that cleverly informs students that they will not receive grades for assignments turned in nameless. After all, how is the teacher supposed to know who the assignment belongs to if there’s no name? It’s becoming especially hard to guess who may have done an assignment when students are ever more frequently typing their work on a computer. Of course, maybe this teacher should have modernized a bit and just assigned everything online.

You’re My Only Hope

It seems Princess Leia lost her way again, getting captured by Royal High School in California. It’s an easy mistake for any intergalactic princess to make. Security also seems to have confiscated her real blaster, but kindly provided a fake one, as poorly constructed as it is, just to keep the feisty princess calm. We’ll see if she manages to infiltrate the high school operations system better than she managed the Death Star. But until then, there are students to contain.


A Foot For A Foot

This history teacher clearly believes in some version of the Code of Hammurabi, which most famously alludes to the origin of the phrase “an eye for an eye.” While this teacher may not have fallen asleep while the student was talking, stopping the class to tie his shoes together seems an appropriate level of retaliation. It earns the respect (and possibly fear) of his attentive students, as well as enacting an appropriate level of revenge on the drowsy teen.


Grumpy Math Teacher

It can often be hard for students to understand what drew someone to being a teacher. From their perspective, it often seems that grumpy teachers would rather be anywhere else than in the classroom, leading them to believe their teachers only fell back on teaching because they had no where else to go. So it’s always refreshing when teachers are open with their students about why they chose to spend their days in front of the white board. For this teacher, it’s to “make people cry”.


Storm Trooper Infiltration

Though the storm troopers were often ineffective in their duties, failing to stop Luke and the gang from achieving their goals of destroying Vader and his headquarters, at least one of their ranks managed to infiltrate this high school science department. It’s likely he hoped to discover methods for building an even more technologically advanced version of the Empire’s headquarters. Unfortunately for this storm trooper, he found himself caught up in the life of a teacher, and hasn’t managed to send any useful information back to headquarters.


You Shall Pass

Though Gandalf is probably better known for angrily shouting “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” as evil creatures try to vanquish the Fellowship of the Ring, in this case Gandalf chose to use his power to help a student navigate the halls of his high school, which are almost as foreboding as a dark mine full of orcs and a balrog. It’s clear this teacher understood the pointlessness of hall passes, naming the student as Frodo, and claiming they were simply traveling from the Shire to Mordor.


Belieb At Your Own Risk

In a very subtle form of public shaming, this teacher thought it would be hilarious to give any student who arrived in their class unprepared a notable reminder that could cause ridicule from their peers. Anyone who found it embarrassing to use a Justin Bieber pencil was likely thoroughly reformed after several days of being laughed at. On the other hand, there may have been a handful of Beliebers wandering the halls, purposely their pencils day in and day out.


A Colorful Lesson

When this teacher overheard a student making a homophobic comment, he knew it would be a great teaching moment. The student had proclaimed that the only thing that scared him more than gay people was clowns. So this openly gay teacher thought it would be great to hit the ignorant student with a double whammy, arriving to class one day dressed as a clown. Hopefully the student learned something and will go on to become a more compassionate and thoughtful adult.


Physical Comedy

This clever student seemed to have a hunch that their teacher might enjoy a good science joke, and so decided to conduct a double experiment during their lab, adding the cute science pun in the middle of their lab report. The good natured teacher not only seemed to appreciate the joke, but completed it, adding in a few more elements to take the physics joke to another level. We imagine this teacher managing to instill a lifelong love of science in their students.


Scuba Certified

These educators really took picture day to new depths with their under the sea themed collaboration. Complete with snorkeling masks, diving suits, and even blow up aquatic animals, they blew the other faculty members out of the water. Many may loathe picture day, fearing that they will end up with only less than flattering shots, for which their students will remember them for eternity. But if you put large goggles on your face and pretend you’re underwater, you should have nothing to fear. Except sharks.


The Opposite Of A Mermaid

Any student can tell you that feeling of sheer panic when you realize that  you may be entirely unprepared for a quiz or a test. Those with a keen sense of humor and understanding of their teachers may have also attempted to mitigate any lost points by amusing their teacher. This student wasn’t even particularly funny, but the audacity that went into offering a “man dolphin” clearly worked its charm on this teacher, earning the entire class extra credit.


Time To Retire

It’s often advantageous to have teachers who have been in the game for so long that they’re on the brink of retirement. You may not learn as much once they’re past they’re prime, but it becomes easier to sneak one by them, because they just don’t care about being strict anymore. This teacher was so over their job that they openly offered the student to choose their own grade. Considering how tiny the handwriting is, it’s no wonder this teacher couldn’t read it.


An Adequate Substitute

There are some substitute teachers who are so ineffective that they might as well be cardboard. When this teacher wanted to shirk off office hours, they devised a clever ruse to trick both students and faculty alike into assuming the teacher was on the premises. Leaving both keys and a coffee at the cutouts fingertips, this sly educator even went through the trouble of drawing on eyes and adding doll’s hands to the sleeves of the sweatshirt, which may have taken more effort than helping students.


The Easiest Exam Question

It’s often easier for teachers to bulk out exams by adding extra, easy questions, just because it cuts down on the amount of complicated math they might have to do to figure out their students’ grade. But sometimes, coming up with that last question is just a little too much work, and the teachers take a shortcut. Like this teacher who wrote this hilarious exam question in the throes of fatigue, imploring his students to take the freebie question and answer A.


Some By Fire

It’s always good when you have a chance to show off some cool tricks of the trade to your class. In this case, this science teacher had an arsenal at his disposal that he’d clearly been itching to use probably since he was a student himself. After all, what’s the point of knowing how to use fire when you never get a chance to? The wasp never stood a chance against such advanced techniques as roasting it with a blowtorch.


Sin b/Tan b=Cos b

There’s no better way to get information to stick in your students’ heads than by pairing their learning with memorable pneumonic devices. Most students probably learned ‘SOHCAHTOA’ when they were learning trigonometry, but this math teacher knew how to take it one step further, reminding the students that the sine of b divided by the tan of b equals the cosine of b…..better written as cos b, or “Cosby”. This lesson will likely carry these students through the rest of their academic careers.


The Gift Of Math

It’s not just students who get restless in the last few days before winter break. Teachers highly anticipate the time off, looking forward to a break from disrespectful students and the constant grind of lesson planning, creating assignments, and grading assignments. This math teacher had already checked out when he showed up in a Santa hat, smugly writing an equation on the board that once solved, spelled out “merry x-mas”. It was probably the nicest math problem they’ve ever seen.


Walkens Not Accepted

The teacher whose office hours were so busy that they would only see students who had previously scheduled an appointment should have taken their sign one step further, making sure it was clear from the picture that “Walkens” were banned by placing a large X over Mr. Walken’s face. Either way, the stern expression chosen was likely to scare any student away from showing up unannounced. The silly sign may have something to do with the teacher being so popular.


May The Force Be With You

If there’s one thing that we can take away from this, it’s that teachers love Star Wars. Not only is this teacher an incredibly talented artist, beautifully rendering images from the film in highly specific detail with only white board markers, they managed to make a physics lesson memorable by once again tying it into pop culture. More teachers should learn from these examples and continue using pop culture references to get technical concepts to stick in their students’ brains.


Passing The Time

We were all there once. Starring endlessly at the clock as time passed by slower than a turtle on his afternoon stroll. Those were the longest hours of your life and the pain was insufferable. Looking back now, it probably would’ve been better if all our teachers covered up the clock like this amusing one did. The question is: would we have listened to them more or just starred out the window instead? Only time will tell…

Those Who Can’t, Teach

The famous line “those who can, teach” is reversed here as this hilarious educator clearly has repressed feelings of becoming a successful artist. We all would’ve loved a teacher who was able to use a humor with his comments on our work. This is clearly an excellent student so we wonder what the teacher wrote for students that perhaps didn’t do as well as this one. If we were giving out marks for comments, this teacher definitely would’ve got a ‘nailed it’ from us too.

Lord Of The Plagiarism

As the internet has become the most powerful tool in mankind’s history, we assume that the amount of plagiarism has risen significantly. This misguided student decided to take an entire review from one of the most well-known newspapers in the UK – The Guardian. It’s naive to think a modern teacher wouldn’t be able to spot the natural flair for writing of a professional journalist compared to his (probably) below par student. This student’s journey to failure was swift.

The Overlord

This teacher has taken a different approach to cheating. Instead of checking for cheaters after the fact, he has decided to watch over his students like an overlord and hawkish cheater-spotter. This may have been a response to disagreeable incidents in the past, but it’s a genius idea to stop what is a foolish act. When will kids learn that their education is about their development and getting a good grade through deception won’t help them later in life?

Hands Off The Merchandise

We all know kids are bit frivolous when it comes to school property so it’s not surprise when you see signs dotted around schools with warnings to students about messing around with the equipment. However, this teacher decided to bring this sign to life (life, you get it?) and add a tongue in cheek joke that you are not allowed to touch the piano unless you are the classical music genius Mozart, which we all know is no longer around to do such a thing.

Game Of Spoilers

Now this is totally uncalled for! How could anyone be so callous as to ruin Game of Thrones, HBO’s super smash hit show, for being loud? Well, this teacher in Belgium decided he’d had enough of his of his rowdy students so he threatened them with revealing the names of the next people to die in the series. He’d read all the books and knew exactly what was coming. This must have been a few years ago now as we are all in the same boat and no one knows what is going to happen in the final season which is due out in 2019.

Missing In Action

This is one of our favorites. Poor Josh has clearly been cursed with the case of magically disappearing homework assignments for some time as it made his teacher give him the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ award, which we think is hilarious as well being educational. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this phenomenon, the Bermuda Triangle is a place where students on their way to school pass by everyday and there have been reports that thousands, if not millions, of essays and perfectly answered quiz questions mysteriously vanish every year.

The Elements Of Gaga

We all have those funny realizations when our fields of study line up with pop culture. This science teacher very creatively grabbed her students’ interest by using the periodic table to recreate the opening of the hit Lady Gaga single from 2009, “Bad Romance”. The brilliant use of repetition ensured that her students would never forget this otherwise random collection of elements as they couldn’t help but sing through the song in their head, capturing the minds of science lovers and music lovers alike.


Cal Tefler-English Teacher

Teachers with a good sense of humor are the best kind. Cal Tefler’s yearbook profile is a masterful study in fiction writing. The English teacher got creative with his profile, creating a hilarious life story for himself that details how he came to be a teacher, as well as some colorful suggestions regarding his childhood. He even decided to poke fun at himself for having red hair, as we are sure his students have frequently reminded him.


A Titanic Endeavor

This teacher is clearly a fan of the 1997 blockbuster film, Titanic. In reference to the iconic scene where Rose, as played by Kate Winslet, implored Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack Dawson to “draw me like one of your French girls”, this hilariously splayed skeleton is asking students to take it one step further, and label all the bones in his body. Whether that’s an easier or harder task than drawing the skeleton outright likely depends on the individual student.