The Choice Vehicles of the Rich and Famous

The car you drive makes a huge impression on the people around you. That said, it should shock nobody that the cars and trucks owned by the rich and famous are different from anything you’d usually see on the road. These vehicles  aren’t just great for driving, but they come with a statement. We’re going to present to you some of the most popular vehicles owned by people living in the lap of luxury.

Mercedes Benz G-Class

This vehicle definitely isn’t for individuals who want to protect the environment, but more for someone that wants to make a statement and have every eye on them as they cruise down the street. This powerhouse seems to be most popular amongst rappers who have turned down to actors. They are totally ballers and they want the world to know it. This vehicles has a starting price of $110,000 but can be as expensive as $140,000.

Bentley Continental GT

This automobile is super sleek and stylish. If you see one of these bad boys driving down the street, you can bet that there is a somebody in that car. This car is amongst the fastest and most luxurious in the world. Nobody will fail to recognize that you are a success when your driving one of these around. They aren’t cheap though. This car is going for $200,000.

Porsche 911

The Porsche has been praised by the rich and famous since the days of Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean. That said, no brand of Porsche has ever been able to surpass the Porsche 911. This has a certain style to it that makes it more special than anything you’ve ever seen on the road. At the moment these amazing cars can be as expensive as $130,000.