8-Ball Pool App Reviewed – Feels Like Tom Cruise

Miniclip has an 8-ball pool game app, and it is AWESOME.
8-Ball iOS | 8-Ball Android

8-Ball Pool is not just a simulated game of 8-ball, it lets you play against REAL people, using in-game coins to wager on each game.

Makes it feel like your a hustler, just rolled into town and making the first visit to the local dive bar to win some money at the tables. All the coins are yours for the taking, they are just in someone else’s pocket at the moment.

20 years from now, when people are remembering the great games they played on their smartphones back-in-the-day, no doubt that 8-Ball will be one of them

Sinking that corner pocket in 8-Ball Pool

Describe 8-Ball Pool Game in 25 Words Or Less:

Fun pool game for your phone that lets you bet against other REAL players. With various tables for different skill levels.

Selling Point – What features makes 8-Ball pool fun to play?

Playing and wagering against real people. This game would just not be fun if it didn’t have the constraints of trying to beat a real person in real-time.

Highly realistic physics including how the balls roll, spin and bounce, with effective sound effects to give the feeling of playing pool

Technical Snags

There seems to be an advantage to users with larger screens, especially tablets. The slightly better resolution of control can make so much difference, especially on some of the shots where precision is needed. There are many instances where I can just tell a player is using a small phone, by the way they miss certain long shots.

Occasionally, if one of the players has a poor connection, it can delay or disrupt the game.

Cultural Exchange

A bit PLUS of 8-Ball pool is that you can be paired against people that you’d normally never interact with. Games with people based thousands of miles away are not uncommon. The in-game chat system only allows comments to be chosen from a list, which is translated into all languages, so the communication is often in another language.

8 ball pool against an opponent of Arabic origin.
Syrian opponent sinks the 8-Ball to win the game.

Advanced Tips

If you are going to buy a pool cue within the game, get the one with your country flag (or whatever flag you want). Because of the political nature of flags, all the countries are exactly equal in Cue-stats, and those stats (Speed, accuracy, etc)  also put you way ahead of any of the other novelty cues available.

Players who put their tablet or phone on an angle off the table, might find it difficult to remove gravity from their equation.

Get experience without the XP – You are automatically matched up with other players that have roughly the same XP points as you. In order to get better with some actual experience, but without earning any XP, try playing the game in the offline mode. This will help you sharpen your aim and improve your ability to control where the cue ball ends up, but without running up your XP points. After you go back online, you will be matched up with inferior players that have not yet honed in on these skills and it will be easier to beat them. What is the point of getting better if it doesn’t let you win more often?

8-Ball Summed Up:

A fun pool game that lets you play against other people. RECOMMENDED