Highest Paying Jobs of 2015

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According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average American worker earns a median annual wage of $34,750. This may not sound like a lot of money, and it really isn’t when you consider $235,070 is the median annual wage of the top-paying professions in the country.

Here are a few of the highest paying jobs for 2015:

Expected 2015 Wages

Physicians top the list of the highest-paying jobs for 2015. The extended longevity of an aging population, combined with expanding insurance coverage under Obamacare, are creating an increasing demand for many professionals in the healthcare industry.

Anesthesiologists are at the top of list with a median annual wage of $235,070 and are closely followed by surgeons, who earn $233,150.

In third place for the highest-paying jobs are obstetricians and gynecologists, with a median annual wage of $212,570. Next, is orthodontists who earn $196,270, and rounding out the list are dentists with a median wage of $168,870.

In comparison physicians, surgeons and dentists all examine patients, diagnose their problems and then treat the problems Dentists, however, focus on the mouth. They treat issues concerning the teeth, gums and other associated problems.

Surgeons differ from physicians, mainly, in their method of care. They provide treatment to their patients through surgical procedures.

Educational Requirements

The educational requirements for a physician or surgeon is a medical degree (M.D.) and, depending on the specialty, anywhere from 3 year to 8 years of residency programs and internships.

On the other hand, the requirements for becoming a dentist are a doctor of dental surgery (DDS) degree, a doctor of medicine in dental or a degree in doctor of dental medicine. (DMD).

Working Conditions

As far as the working conditions are concerned for these professional positions, there will become significant decreases in the levels of stress involved in the jobs.

The reason for this being, whenever there is a high demand for a specific position, employers tend to not put people into overly stressful positions because the people will be likely to leave and go to a less stressful position.