Star Wars film breaks opening night box office record

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On Thursday December 17th, the latest episode of the Star Wars franchise was premiered.  Star Wars: the Force awakens Took a staggering $57 million on the opening night alone, taking the top spot away from the previous leader, Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows: Part two which premiered in 2011 and took $43.5 million on the opening night. It is predicted that this latest installment of the Star Wars franchise could just be the biggest selling movie of all time.

The movies premiere also set a new opening-day record for the UK and Ireland for the box office. In the UK, £9.64 million was taken for the opening of the film, which took the top spot away again from Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows: part two which had taken 9.4 its opening night. It’s was the midnight screening on the opening night that’s accounted for around £2.4 million of the total ticket sales for the day.

One of Hollywood’s best-known box office analysts, Paul Dergarabedian, claims that the opening night was simply après wage to what could be a record-breaking weekend for the movie. He believes that the force awakens could even break into the $2 billion bracket globally with cinema viewings alone.

The box office analyst at exhibit relations, Jeff Bock, went on to say that the Force awakens is one of the strongest movies for breaking records that has been seen in a while. He also believes that this in Stormont of the saga could potentially break into the $2 billion market and could even become the highest grossing movie of all time.

Is estimated that the Force awakens will probably take around $200 million in ticket sales for the US and Canada over the opening weekend of the movie. This could break the record set earlier in the year by Jurassic world. The dinosaur themed movie took around $209 million in box office sales in the first three days after its release.

In the UK box office sales are on the increase even more, due to a £2 hike en ticket fees that are being imposed by some Cinema chains such as the Odeon. Spectre, which is the latest James Bond movie, set the Record in the UK for their biggest opening ever due to this increased ticket tactic. The record was also helped by the fact that the film was opened on a Monday. In order for the force awakens to do as well, it would need to take more than double the number of viewers per day than Spectre, as Spectre had seven days to create the statistic, as opposed to the three days that the force awakens has. Even though it will be tough to beat the movie that was released on a Monday, all of the analysts are predicting that it is possible for this to happen.

To add to the many records that this a new Star Wars movie has been breaking, an impressive 2 million tickets were purchased in advance of the first screening across the UK and Ireland.