America’s Top Google Searches Show Us Just How Confusing This Election Was


Google is the place where we go ask questions no one else will answer, questions we don’t know who else to ask, or questions we are just too embarrassed to ask.

It’s no surprise then that after last night’s election many people turned to Google, demanding an explanation for what happened to the country. Some looked for facts, others needed emotional reassurance, but many were just hoping the electoral map they were looking at was somehow magically wrong.


The first thing Americans wanted to know was how exactly their confusing electoral system worked, and how the popular vote works. This brought to questions such as:

  • Who won the popular vote?
  • Was the popular vote different than the electoral vote?
  • Which presidents lost the popular vote?
  • Who Won the popular vote in 2000?
  • Who has won the popular vote but lost the election?

Another thing people did not understand was how the candidate every poll projected would win, did not win. And apparently why Hillary wore purple. The most searched “why did…” yesterday were:

  • Why did Hillary lose?
  • Why did Trump win?
  • Why did Hillary wear purple?
  • Why did people vote for Trump?
  • Why did Hillary concede?

Some people were genuinely concerned for Hillary Clinton and were looking out for her:

  • What time is Hillary Clinton’s press conference today?
  • What will Hillary Clinton do now?
  • Did Hillary Clinton win the popular vote?
  • How much did Hillary Clinton spend?
  • Will Trump prosecute Clinton?

Mostly though people just wanted to know what happened. These are the most searched “how did…” from yesterday, and we are not surprised.

  • How did Trump win?
  • How did this happen?
  • How did Clinton lose?
  • How did Michigan vote?
  • How did the polls get it so wrong?

Good luck everyone. We hope you will all find the Google answers you are looking for.