This Man Was Working On His Backyard And Stumbled Across Something Amazing


When moving to a new home, the swap over of owners is quite a swift process and surprises are often left behind by previous owners. While many of the leftover belongings are worthless, this owner was dumbfounded when he found something unbelievable hidden away in his backyard.


This new homeowner was scanning his property with a view to making alterations and extensions when he suddenly stumbled across something in his backyard. Intrigued and excited, he kept searching for more.


X Marks The Spot

He began racking his brains thinking of ways he could get further answers. He knew it would take too long to start digging alone so he thought of new ways to make the discovery. He decided on hiring a metal detector expert to search his backyard, looking for certain signs and signals. After going over one specific area over and over again, the expert was confident in one area and marked two X’s, predicting the measurements of the mystery surprise.


Was It Buried Treasure?

Moving into a new house, you never know what you will find or what to expect. This is exactly what the man was feeling and the discovery in the backyard was leaving him in anticipation, eager to find out what what hidden beneath the grass. Was it buried treasure? Was it a time capsule? Only time would tell and he had to be patient in leaving it to the experts to help dig up whatever it was.



The suspense was building and the man became increasingly frustrated that he could not get near the mysterious object. In his pondering, he decided to grab a shovel and start digging in the hope of getting to the bottom of what it was. He kept his momentum going and he quickly hit an edge. As it turned out, the object was made of metal, but he had only scraped the surface and it was not distinguishable yet.


Going Deeper

Hitting the surface of the object led the man to push on and dig deeper. His adrenaline kept him going, despite the digging becoming a grueling activity. He dug deeper and as he got further down into the hole, he realized that the metal object was actually a lid! What was it that lay within this lid? Not only was it made of metal, but it weighed a ton and the man was forced to dig around the sides too.


What Lies Beneath

The man never expected to be doing this kind of manual labor after moving into his new house, yet the prospect of finding something amazing in his own backyard was too hard to give up. The lid of the metal object was extremely heavy and took a lot of strength and determination to move it. Bit by bit he began to loosen it up and he was closer to seeing what was inside and what he had been digging for.


Lifting The Lid

Upon successfully lifting the heavy lift off of the object, he started to look for signs and distinguishable objects to determine what exactly it was. However, it was much bigger than he had anticipated and it looked as if it was some kind of small construction. The mix of objects inside added to the confusion. It looked like there were stairs and some blades. It was all very suspicious but he kept looking for more signs.


Going In

Although the man wanted to jump straight in and have a look around, there were some things stopping him. There was a huge amount of dirt and soil surrounding the opening and the man was forced to clean more of it off. He knew that if he was able to completely clear the surrounding area, he would be able to crawl inside and discover exactly what it was. The whole concept was fascinating to him and he wanted to learn more.


Pandora’s Box

After managing to remove the majority of the dirt, the man had finally created a safe space to climb inside. Despite the construction looking stable, there was no really telling of how safe this mission was. The box at any point could collapse in, leaving the man trapped in his backyard underground. One step at a time, he descended the staircase, looking for answers. He was bewildered how it had been created and couldn’t fathom what it could be.


Secret Stairway

Upon positioning himself inside, the man came across some blueprints, showing the dimensions and structure of this bunker looking construction. After analyzing the blueprints and looking all around him, he came to the conclusion that it may have been some sort of bomb shelter. It must have been built by one of the previous homeowners years ago. It looked as if the creator had been expecting an apocalypse or world war. Either way, a lot of thought had gone into it.


Tunnel Of Terror

Although the blueprints appeared to give some sort of outline of the construction, they were not entirely accurate. Not only were there stairs, but there was also a deeper tunnel leading to something else. It was much bigger than the man had ever expected. He knew one thing however, no one had touched it or had been down there for years. The eerie nature of the tunnel started to give the man the chills as it went on.


Incredible Discovery

As much as the man thought the shelter had dated back years, the mechanics and construction involved in it suggested otherwise. The bomb shelter appeared to have a state-of-the-art opening hatch and in addition, it had an electric fan and a hand-crank fan. Plenty of thought and planning had gone into the shelter, as if its creator assumed that they would be down there for long periods of time. The planning and execution was excellent and the man couldn’t believe what lived in his yard.


Out With The Old

The man then had a lightbulb moment and knew he couldn’t just leave this shelter as it was. He decided to get to work right away and removed the excess rubble from the shelter and staircase. He wanted to ensure it was safe to get up and down and in order to do this, it would require a lot of work. If he could successfully clear the space, there were many possibilities of what he could do with the space.


A Job Well Done

The entire structure would require a lot of work and dedication to renovate it into something. Initially, he began clearing up the debris and rubble and placing it in buckets to take to the trash. Once the area had been cleared, the man could get a clearer idea of what the empty space could be turned into. He was realistic in not going overboard with his plans and took things step by step.


Grueling Labor

After hours upon end, the man had managed to clear all the excess rubble from the bunker. After disposing of all of it, he climbed back inside the shelter and went down the stairs to determine what could be done next. When stepping back and taking a look at his hard work, it had already made such a huge difference. If that was a small job, he knew that he could do big things if he put his mind to it.


Stairway To What?

Due to the grueling nature of the work that needed to be done, the man knew he would need some extra set of hands. He decided to call upon his friends and explain to them his discovery and how they could help him. All of his friends could not believe the discovery and rushed over to take a look for themselves. It was useful to have helpers in the project incase something fell, the durability of the construction hadn’t exactly been tested.


With a Little Help From My Friends

After making a plan altogether, they knew they had to do something to ensure the safety of the construction before turning it into anything. They decided to excavate the entrance and reinforce it. Following this, they proceeded to rebuild the shelter’s entrance, making sure it was sturdy enough to go in and out. To get things going, they poured a fresh batch of concrete in to smooth over the walls. They were getting somewhere.


Years Of Neglect

There was no telling how long the site had been left untouched for. It was clearly neglected and the men realized there was a lot of work to be done. Nevertheless, they were all eager to get the project going and optimistic of what they could make of it. While things were moving relatively slowly, the men persevered and got to work. It certainly helped that they used it as a way to bond and spend time with each other.


The Boys Are Back In Town

The men were working away, consistently digging and looking over the plans, they knew what they needed to do. One of their most difficult missions was to reinforce the entrance as best and as safely as possible. They knew that if they did this, the rest would follow suit. However, their focus was the entrance and by securing it, it would help future generations discover it too. It was beginning to take shape.


Blood, Sweat, Tears

The men knew it would be a difficult task, but they didn’t estimate the time consuming nature of the entire project. They worked tirelessly together, ensuring every piece of their project had gone together perfectly, leaving no room for mistakes. What got them through was knowing that what they were doing could lead them to an amazing discovery. They were too invested in the project to even take a break, but it was all worth it.


Getting There

The group of friends finally finished pouring the first batch of concrete into the shelter and then proceeded to secure the rebar. However, this was nothing close to the end and they got on with adding to the exterior. They began adding concrete to the opening of the shelter and then built a wooden frame. It wasn’t until the wooden frame was being constructed that the men could envision what the finished product would look like.


Whistle While You Work

Reinforcing the entire shelter with concrete was the most crucial part of the project. The men needed to ensure that it was sturdy and safe to walk in and out of. Being the most important part, it was also the most arduous and time consuming part of the rebuilding process. Whenever someone was feeling tired or low in spirits, the rest of the friend lifted them up and kept them going. It was true teamwork.


All In A Day’s Work

For a brief moment, the men took a step back and felt proud of their hard work. Not only was this an interesting project, it was also a bonding experience which they appreciated. For the next step, they applied a SonoTube cardboard form. The SonoTube would act as a temporary protection for the interior of the shelter’s entrance. The protection from damage would allow them to continue to work on the rest of the shelter without ruining their previous work.


Bomb Shelter Chic

The shelter which the man had discovered dated back years, so it did not contain any electricity or utilities. With the renovation of the new shelter, the men thought it would be appropriate to add in a conduit for electricity. With most appliances and tools requiring power, it was essential that the men made power sockets in the event they were down there for a while and needed to get warm or eat. It was starting to look great.


Little By Little

With all the different wooden beams propping up the entrance, the construction was looking professional and impressive. The whole project was taking shape and for the first time, it was clear what the men were trying to create. Nevertheless, it still was not complete but they could see the light at the end of the tunnel. The men were proud of their hard work and began discussing how they could use the secret shelter.


Summer Heat

The whole project was taking place in summer and some days, the manual labor got too much in the searing heat. One day, the men decided to protect themselves from the sun and covered the entire work area with a tent for some cool shade. This would allow them to move along swiftly with their work without feeling completely drained from the sun. The shelter was becoming a centerpiece in the yard and they were eager to show others their hard work.


Determination Station

The project was really looking good and it was evident that they were taking it very seriously. However, with such a large project that was essentially being reconstructed and renovated it was going to take plenty of time. Step by step, they carefully put things together, making sure that it was stable and aesthetically pleasing. They shelter was a goldmine and the men wanted to restore it to its former glory. They kept going like nothing would stop them.


Rollin’ Up Their Sleeves

Even though they had already laid one layer of concrete into the renovated shelter, they needed to secure the entire perimeter by pouring yet another layer on. For people who are familiar with the process of laying concrete, they will understand it is not the cleanest and easiest of processes, making sure it doesn’t get everywhere and it is as smooth as can be. Nevertheless, this meant the final stages were nearing and they knew it.


Digging Deep

In addition to the concrete, the men reset the rebar in the base for that extra bit of support. Sturdiness was one of the most important aspects of renovating the shelter. They are intended to keep the people safe and secure inside and the men had to consider their strategy based on the safety of the shelter. Moreover, the underground setting of the shelter meant that other elements had to be taken into account as well.


The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Once everything was carefully put in place, the shelter was looking like a new model. It would come as a shock to anyone that it had existed for years prior to the professional work of the men. It was almost looking like a finished product but the two-by-fours still required some more work. The paint was setting nicely as the day started to draw to a close and the men could be extremely proud of themselves.


Taking Shape

It was finally that time whereby the men were able to remove the forms from the entrance surface. The men were heading into the final stages of finishing the shelter and it was taking its final shape. The difference from when the shelter was first discovered to where they were at this point was vast. It goes to show that if you put your mind to something it can successfully be done. It went from a mess to a structure.


Pure Amazement

The men took a step back and were in awe of their friend’s discovery. They were incredibly proud they they could be a part of something special and their teamwork certainly paid off. Before this event, it had been a neglected bomb shelter and quite amazingly, the men had turned it into a completely renovated space. While the end was close, the men racked their brains to think about what they could do with it.



After hours upon hours of drying, the concrete had finally settled and hardened. They were all eager to inspect their hard work and climbed into the new structure to see how it had finally turned out. It was astonishing what a couple of friends could achieve together. It looked like it had been completed by professionals, everything was pristine from the stairs to the structure. Their work was commendable and they all had a great time doing it.


What A Discovery!

The small black pipe that rested on the side of the structure was the single thing that kept them going throughout. Without this, they would not have been able to breathe underground in the structure. This gave them just enough air to work for hours in the day. The men were so happy that their friend stumbled across this in his backyard and that he enlisted their help. It was like it was waiting to be found.


Time To Explore

It was finally that time to check that everything was in place and venture down underground into their new construction. It is amazing that such an old structure was found in someone’s backyard, it looked like it would be fitting near an old monument. As the men went further down they were proud of their work and couldn’t believe all they had achieved. However, there was one last thing that needed to be done to perfect it.


Inside Wonders

One thing that had to be replaced was the old steps down into the cave. With time, they had become increasingly rusty and too unstable to have people climb up and down. Through changing the old steps, the man could take people of all ages down there to take a look around. It was one of the final things to do and the men wanted to make sure they did not a single bit of the structure unstable.


To The Ceiling

As it turned out, the stairs were not the last part of the puzzle to fix. The man then spotted that the fiberglass on the ceiling had started to peel off. When he saw this, his heart sank a little, knowing that there was even more work to be done. The end was not so near anymore and the fiberglass was very important to fix. If the materials touched bare skin it can harm your lungs and this was not a risk they could take.


What A Result

There was actually much more loose fiberglass than they had first anticipated but when they pulled it all down, it was a relatively straightforward process in replacing it. They re-plastered the ceiling which ended up looking brand new. They were so relieved that the fiberglass had not harmed any of the workers while they were down there. Their vision was starting to come to life and they were so happy.


Marveling At History

It was finally complete! After extremely long days, plenty of hours and a huge amount of effort and determination, the shelter looked like a brand new construction and the men could not have been more pleased. The beaming smile on the man’s face said it all, the shelter was fully functioning and it was entirely down to him. The possibilities were endless and he was thrilled with the result. It was a huge bonus which came with his new home.