The Best First Class Airline Seats for 2015

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Recently, flying first class has lost some of its appeal, to the extent that some travelers aren’t even sure it’s worth the money. The recent drop in first class travel has also prompted the airlines to rethink its necessity, by offering more business class seating to replace some of the first class seating.

However, there are still some who insist on the luxury and amenities that first class provides. With this in mind we have come up with a list of what you can expect, in regards to first class seating from the airline industry.


American Airlines

American Airlines is the first airline in the industry to offer swivel seats in its first class section, making face-to-face interaction much easier. The 6’ 6” seats in American’s first class have drop down armrests and recline fully flat.


British Airways

Every first class suite on British Airways comes with a private wardrobe. They are also the first airline to offer electronic blinds on their commercial aircraft.


Cathay Pacific Airways

With a personal touch in mind, all of the dishes aboard Cathay are made to order, providing an array of Asian and international cuisine.

In regards to entertainment, passengers have the option of more than 100 movies, 500 TV shows and 22 radio channels in 10 languages to enjoy on their own personal screen.

However, there are only six to nine first class seats/suites aboard each of Cathay’s jets.



With some of the newest planes in the sky, Emirates offers an onboard shower spa along with private suites.

Emirates also offers onboard lounges that allow fellow travelers to socialize or just stretch their legs on a long flight.