5 Best Places to Visit in June

As summer approaches, smart travelers are already planning for a perfect getaway to enjoy with their loved ones. There’s no better way to spend your June holidays than enjoying these best spots.

1. Geneva, Switzerland
Take advantage of Geneva in full bloom by going to concerts in the park or yachting on breathtaking lakes This lovely city in Switzerland is full of life in the first month of summer, and you can just imagine being blown away by its majestic stunner like Lake Geneva. That’s a doorstep away from the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la Paix.

2. Cotswolds, England
The best time to travel in the countryside of England is in June as you get to experience longer days and the green fields are abundant in wildflowers. You’ll enjoy its serenity since kids are still in school and you get to savor your escape away from the hustle and bustle of the metro. Where to stay? Try its famous country house- designed hotel, The Fish that has heated floors and outdoor tubs.

3. Copenhagen, Denmark
Denmark’s capital has a lot to offer in June- the summer festivals. You can expect the city to be alive with hip-hop and electronic music to take center stage with the celebrated names in the music industry. Or if you want the quiet route, relax in Copenhagen’s popular canals via a boat ride or simply take a walk in the city’s lovely gardens and parks.

4. Mexico City
Mexico City is always bursting with life but if you wish for a not so busy/ less crowded season, then block June in your calendar and enjoy the city with warm weather. Be in awe of its large museums and mesmerizing architecture and shop unique finds on its pretty boutiques in La Roma. End your day with delectable delights in Mexico’s famous restaurants.

5. Amalfi Coast
You’ll never get disappointed in this famous tourist spot in Italy. A UNESCO World Heritage site, you’re definitely in for awesome treats especially in sunny days of June when the Tyrrhenian Sea is warm for a plunge. Of course, you cannot miss the enchanting fragrance of jasmine and orange blossoms that stretches in the Amalfi Coast.