Trump and Abdul-Jabbar go Head to Head

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Never one to shy away from conflict, Donald Trump has now begun feuding with NBA’s all-time greats, Kareem Abdul Jabbar. After the basketball legend penned an editorial in the Washington Post on Wednesday, stating his criticisms of Trump, the millionaire mogul attacked back with full force, telling the Hall of Famer he doesn’t “have a clue what has to be done to make this country great again.” Jabbar’s piece was clear in its criticisms of Trump, accusing the presidential hopeful of attacking journalists’ First Amendment rights, with his bullying style, and his tendency towards throwing personal attacks on journalists, instead of offering substantial answers on issues such as immigration. Later in the day, Abdul-Jabbar posted an image of his article to his Facebook page with what the basketball star claimed to be a personal message from Mr. Trump:

“Kareem –
Now I know why the press always treated you so badly — they couldn’t stand you. The fact is that you don’t have a clue about life and what has to be done to make America great again!

Best wishes

Donald Trump”

Next to the image, Abdul-Jabbar shared his thoughts:

“This note from Donald Trump in response to my editorial is the best, though inelegant, support for my claims. Here again he attacks a journalist who disagrees with him, not by disputing the points made but by hurling schoolyard insults such as ‘nobody likes you.’ But if you look behind the nasty invective, you find the assault still remains against the Constitution in an effort to silence the press through intimidation.”

With months left of campaigning, plenty of time still remains for these two heavy hitters to continue fighting it out in the ring.