Who’s Behind the Familiar Faces in Commercials

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When we’re watching TV, many of us have a commercial that we absolutely adore, whether it be because we’re really into the product being sold or we just really love the person selling that product. Most companies choose to use a face you won’t soon forget, whether it be the Geico Cavemen or Flo from Progressive. Here are some commercial faces you should definitely know more about.

Carly Folukes

Even though her acting portfolio may be lacking, Carly Folukes definitely made a name for herself by starring in recent T-Mobile commercials. She has a recurring role as the girl in the pink dress for the popular cell phone provider’s TV commercials, but hasn’t been featured on anything else yet, though she has much more to offer. When she’s not trying to get you to buy a new phone or upgrade your plan, Carly loves video games and skateboarding. She’s a force to be reckoned with for sure.


Carly Folukes