Mexico City’s First Ice Cream Parlor For Dogs Is Open For Business!


There’s no better way to cool down with your pup then to treat yourselves to a nice cold cone! Thanks to Mexico City’s first dog-friendly ice cream parlor called Don Palettos, humans and their furry friends can now chow down on quality ice cream without the additives harmful for dogs. The canine-friendly franchise called on veterinarians to help concoct special safe for dog ice creams that also help them fight the summer heat.

It’s important for dog owners to be especially careful when temperatures begin to rise, because, like humans, dogs are also sensitive to heat strokes and dehydration, which happens when the body temperature exceeds 40 degrees. Unlike their human counterparts, dogs don’t have the ability to perspire, so giving them a cold ice cream is an excellent option for cooling them down.


Unfortunately, serving up regular ice cream to dogs is dangerous as it can cause discomfort in their digestive systems. The reason most dogs cannot consume milk is that they’re actually lactose intolerant, and if ingested milk could cause them diarrhea and upset stomach. Dogs also lack the enzymes needed to dissolve sugar, so consuming the sweet treat in excess could cause vomiting. Another toxic ingredient found in most regular ice creams is chocolate, which, when eaten in excess, can lead to death. Chocolate contains theobromine, an alkaloid that is chemically similar to caffeine. Dogs metabolize theobromine very slowly making it even more dangerous.


With all of this in mind, Don Paletto owner Mauricio Montoya decided to take traditional recipes from the 1950s and with the help of veterinarians adapted them to the modern needs of man’s best friend. Montoya consulted numerous veterinarians to produce a frozen treat that was suitable for pets, and their owners, and ended up with a highly profitable and rewarding business.

When it comes to making the base for the special ice cream, Montoya only uses organic lactose-free, sugar-free yogurt which is sweetened with honey and blended with fruit, a taste that greatly appeals to the canine palate without any adverse effects. As far as flavors are concerned dogs have the option of peanut butter, cajeta – a traditional Mexican sweet of burnt milk – and banana, strawberry and carrot, and orange with blueberries. For the owners, the flavors are even more interesting with a variety of whiskey, brandy, tequila, champagne, and mezcal, among others.