Owner Couldn’t Understand Why His Were Dogs Barking Until He Looked Outside

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Florida is state full of wildlife and natural habitats. It is the home to the Everglades, a 1.5 million acre wetlands preserve on the southern tip of Florida. The protected area is home to all different kinds of animals, both dangerous and friendly, but the residents of the sunshine state often see these wild animals roaming around their neighborhoods. It is most common to find gator lurking in neighborhood lakes or different preserves in residential areas. In addition, Florida’s warm, tropical climate has encouraged more animals to migrate over to the area. For this reason, Florida residents have to be aware that this is the kind of place they live in and they must take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families from unwanted guests in their homes and backyards.

When Phil Hendra was having a family lunch at his father’s house, his dogs started going crazy in the backyard. It wasn’t a sound as if they were playing, it was something that he had never heard his dogs do before. Nonetheless, he brushed off the bizarre behavior and put it down to a change of environment, a change in the weather or simply seeing another dog in the distance. However, Hendra couldn’t turn a blind eye to it as his dogs wouldn’t calm down. His suspicions further increased when his young son spotted something outside in the back yard.

The Fort Myers native looked outside and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. While there are some animals that you can expect to find in residential, congested areas, some stay well away and this animal was rarely spotted. Hendra had to stay calm and ensure his family was safe, he did not want to disturb or frighten the animal in the case that it turned on them. To make matters worse, the news of the dangerous animal had spread all over the neighborhood, leading people to panic. What happened next was unbelievable and was an encounter they would never forget.