The World’s Most Expensive Pets


Nothing beats coming home to your dog approaching you with a wagging tail and smile on its face, We go up and beyond for our pets. They are our best friends and companions for a huge part of our lives. Some people get them at shelters for free. They don’t care if the dog or cat is a mixed breed. The rich and famous buy their pets and sometimes even have them specially made. Here are the pets you’ll find at the end of a billionaires leash.

Tibetan Mastiff

This luxury pet is most famous amongst China’s elite. These dogs are currently going for the hefty price of $2 million per dog. What makes these dogs so pricy is how rare it is to find one. You can look in shelters all over the country and the chances of running into a Tibetan Mastiff is close to none. When it comes to dogs, they don’t come more luxury than this canine.

The Ashera Cat

Imagine taking two exotic looking animals in the cat family, crossbreeding them and coming out with something so unique and adorable looking. This is the story of the Ashera Cat. This cat is what happens when some breeds an African Serval and an Asian Leopard Cat. A breeder in Los Angeles is currently selling 100 of these adorable cats a year. They are currently selling for $22,000 a piece.

Paris Hilton’s Pomeranian

Just like most girls living that typical Beverly Hills life, Paris Hilton likes to keep her dogs safe and comfy inside of her purse. That said, the celebrity forked over $13,000 for the world’s smallest Pomeranian. The dog is named Mr. Amazing and weights just 11.6 ounces. With a dog this small she doesn’t have to pull it out of her purse when she wants to get something, she can just move around it.

Nicolas Cage’s Octopus

Nicolas Cage, the actor and meme isn’t exactly known for being the most normal guy in the world. That said, it should surprise nobody that the guy forked over 150,000 for a pet octopus. He has even went as far as to claim the octopus has helped him with his acting. We can’t even begin to imagine how that was possible.