How to Become an Instagram Millionaire


Instagram is currently perhaps the world’s biggest phenomenon. Every kid 20 something year old is posting and posting in an attempt to become the next big online sensation. To be Instagram made millionaire, there are a few steps you must follow. Even then, you’ll need a whole lot of luck to really win the affections of the masses. Only when that happens will you start making tons of money.


  • Post Regularly – In order to sustain and audience and build an army of viewers you need to post on a regular basis. The rules are exactly the same for someone who has five followers and someone who has five thousand followers. Do not expect to gain a following in one day. This can take months and it can take a whole year or even longer before you begin making money.
  • High Quality – Only let the highest of quality photos grace your instagram. You have to keep in clean and consistent. The minute you start posting out of focus or filler pictures, the interest of your followers will dwindle. You have to find out what the people love and keep hitting them with that.
  • Be Unique – Don’t stick to the same trends that you see everyone else clinging to. Try to post pictures that display unique locations or hit them with a unique pose. Don’t be one in a million common Instagram profiles.
  • Be Interactive With Your Followers – Don’t be someone that just leaves a post like a robot and never says anything. Sometimes it’s good to read through your comments and even give feedback to your fans.
  • Post Directly – Posting through links can be very tempting and even huge names have done this. That said, posting directly will give you the best advantage over the masses. Doing this shows your followers that your really care about them.